Things I love, so much!

Sparkly Things

I’m a big fan of antiques and vintage items, so when I cam across this makeup line I got excited. I was even more thrilled to discover that they are new formulations of old styles and colors of makeup!

That being said, I don’t really think I am high maintenance but I just love all of these hand creams, body lotions, and soaps!

And, then there are the jewels and jewelry! Starting out with Sheep Jewelry! Need I say more? There might be other animals as well and the packaging is just beautiful! I use the felt pouches for jewelry containers when I travel.

And, finally…tiaras. As you might imagine, I have a few websites that I spend time on tiara shopping. I have two favorites that have amazing, sparkly things! The first is Tiara Town. I mean the name just wins doesn’t it? And, Crown Designers also has some lovely things!

Sparkly Things

I’m a person who needs to write things down. For years I would try a new system every January, but by September I would hate what I was doing. Finally, I found the Traveler’s™ style notebooks from Chic Sparrow coupled with the Planner Perfect System. I love it even more 12 months later!

Sparkly Things


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