I have to go weigh in again tomorrow but this is my progress as of Tuesday. Pretty good since I started this on January 6th…or was it the 4th?
Regardless, I’ve done very well, I think. It’s been good so far and my sister and I were just discussing tonight abut our mutual surprise to find out that lettuce has its very own flavor. It does not, in all actuality, taste like ranch dressing. And also, brussel sprouts are delicious – even without butter.
I can’t believe how much better I feel already and I think it has something to do with vegetables and fruits. The fact of checking in with someone three times a week makes a huge difference, too. Not so much cheating ( well, really, no cheating ) like was happening with my Weight Watchers tries.
I still have some things to say about my handspun sock yarn swap partner but I think I’m just going to bask in the success of my shrinking for now.


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  1. hesira

    Great job on the weight loss! You are inspiring me. I think I’m waiting till Lent, to really get started. I always DO feel better when I mostly eat fruits and veggies. Funny about the taste of lettuce.

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