So I’ve been in Utah for almost 2 weeks now. The first week was spent hanging around with Maggie and Brittney. We went to malls, saw at least 3 movies, bought books and ate a lot of things we shouldn’t have. Then, last Sunday, a baby came!

ThatcherMar232014He’s adorable and healthy and is doing all things pretty well already. He’s exceedingly strong and already a genius. His name is Thatcher. My second grandbaby. The first one calls me Mimi. I think Thatcher will too.



Here he is with his mom this afternoon. He currently thinks he should sleep all day and be awake at night. His parents disagree. I keep reminding them that patience is a virtue and this too shall pass.


So, I’ve also been spinning between all of the things. I’m working on some Qiviut yarn right now. i can’t decide whether to ply it with silk or more Qiviut. I’ll let you know. It’s about 60 wpi as singles. I have big plans for a shawl as well as some class samples.

But right now, I’m going to go kiss the baby.



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