This was my total on Saturday morning. I’ve got 3 more weeks left on the program so it looks as if I’m not going to reach my goal in the allotted time. The good news is I may continue to lose a little during the stabilization phase. Then I have a year of maintenance where I could go back on the weight loss program and keep losing if I choose.

The other thing I haven’t talked about is the 14.5 pounds I lost on Weight Watchers before I started LA Weightloss. Those 14.5 added to the 33.4 bring me to just under 48 altogether in the last 8 months. That’s nothing to sneeze at considering when I started I was right at a loose size 20 pants and now I’m in a snug 10 which will be a comfortable 10 in another 5ish pounds.
I haven’t worn a size ten pants since I was 25 years old!

Also, this! Disney World here I come! Already started planning the trip. I LOVE Disney World. I would live there if I could afford it. I could be like Eloise only I would be at the Grand Floridian and I wouldn’t need a nanny.

Nothing knitting to talk about. Still spinning that support skein and working on the same shawl. More updates later.


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  1. Lisa

    Ok I am thoroughly impressed. I am picturing more than 9 bags of sugar that you have lost. That is a lot of bulk now missing from you. Congrats!!!!!!

  2. laurie

    wow, i am so impressed (and envious) at your weight loss. i seem to have no self control. so i ask you, since i just recently discovered your blog, is this including exercise..if so, what have you been doing? weight watchers is fantastic..it’s a life style change in the way you eat and cook, not a diet.
    lisa commented on the amount of sugar in bags…an even better visual is to take lard/fat and pile the pounds in that instead, since the majority of what you have lost is basicly fat. kudos to you.

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