Here’s the thing. I’m leaving for SOAR in only 3 days and I’m a crazy excited nervous wreck. I plan on doing a couple of remote blog posts from Shanty Creek which consist mostly of “Here I am with Margaret Stove!!!!!!!!” And “Here I am with Judith McKenzie McCuin!!!!” Mostly me gushing.

When I get back I will do some serious posts of “look at this new thing I learned” or “I never thought of doing this like this before.”

Also, Knit Michigan is on Saturday, February 2nd in Bloomfield Hills. I’m thinking I’ll be a vendor.

And in conclusion, Spinning Spider Jenny is coming to my shop to teach in mid November. I have some openings still and would love to have any of you who can make it. There will be a very informal sleepover at my house so, you know, it could be fun. I’m fun, really.

O.K. Gotta go make my list of the stuff I want to pack and then cross things off cause I can;t fit everything in the car.

Are you ready for Beth’s very first line of skirts coming in late June?

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