Where have I been, you ask? Well, it’s a loooong story with a lot of pictures. And I didn’t even include them all. This first picture is of my mom and Ryan playing hockey together. Ryan looks so handsome in his Michigan colors. Ok. I’m getting off track already.
I taught beginning spinning at the Fiber Expo which took place two weeks ago in Ann Arbor. I had 8 students in the morning and 9 in the afternoon. It was very busy. The majority of them didn’t even have a wheel. I was able to fit 8 wheels into my Honda Accord. Of course 5 of them were folding wheels. The picture above includes Cathy from Ravelry and…. I didn’t write anything down and I am lame at names. Now, ask me what kind of wheel a person had and I probably can tell you in an instant.
And this is Anna from Ravelry and…..help me out here. The fabulous lady in the front is the proud owner of a new spinning wheel. Wish I could tell you her name. The classes were wonderful and fun and everyone was very patient as I went from one student to the next. It was hard work but I do love teaching. Anna’s husband was in the class too. He’s a hoot. Of course I was pretty focused so these are the only two pictures I took all day.
After the Expo I got back to work at the shop and on Halloween night we left for a very short visit to the families back east. Lou went to his mother’s and I went to my parents. We got to stay for two days before we started the stupid long drive back to Michigan. My mom was decorating for Christmas. I think she was going to put the Jack-O-Lantern away though.
Here’s the Christmas Village all set up. I took all of those houses out of the boxes. She has to have like 40 of them. (and I’m not exaggerating).
Here she is yelling at me. Happens a lot. Don’t feel sorry for me though because I’m used to it. I have a thick skin. I still love her.
Maggie got her hair cut while we were in Pennsylvania.
Isn’t her new hair style cute?
She is donating her hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths where they will use the hair to make wigs for cancer patients. Two years ago she donated her hair to Locks of Love. She started wanting to do this because her friend, Tabitha, had Leukemia and lost all of her hair. Tabitha is recovered now but Maggie is still wanting to do the donations. She says she’ll grow it again for donation.
We went to Red Robin and the wait staff sang Happy Birthday to my mom and Ryan. Ryan’s birthday is on the 17th of this month and my mom’s was this past Tuesday. Ryan was a little shy about the whole thing.
And…what’s been going on with me you ask? Well, I’m moving. I’ve moved all of my stuff from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor of the shop. Phil, the architect, and owner of the building, went upstairs. I’ve taken a few pictures of what it looks like tonight. This is my desk /check out area.
This is another room which is the book / pattern / lace knitting room. It will also have the tea cart with herb teas and hot chocolate and snacks.

This is the color wall.
This is the natural colored wool wall. It will have raw fleeces as well as undyed rovings.
This will be the classroom and will have all of the weaving yarns as well as any in stock looms.
This area will be for luxury fibers. That big cardboard box is filled with mostly silk in all of it’s glorious forms!
The box of wool wash selections waiting for its assigned area.
And piles of fiber everywhere.

I have to say, I had no idea how much fiber I had until I started moving it. You know, I’ve rearranged things but never all at the same time. It’s crazy. Man I have a big stash! Will you help me make it smaller please? I promise I’ll buy more. I can’t help it.

Spinning Spider Jenny is coming in less than a week for 3 days of classes. I am so excited to meet her. Her blog is full of fantastic information and I get to be near her for a while and ask all the questions I can think of until she gets back on the plane on Sunday the 18th. You could come too if you wanted. Call me and tell me you want to. I still have room for a couple more.


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  1. textilejunkie

    Well you’ve certainly been busy! I totally forgot how your mom decorates her B&B(?) for the holidays. I hope you post pictures again like you did last year.

    Just so you know I never saw any of those spinning wheel lamps at Rhinebeck this year. They may have been there but I did not see them – so no info to pass on to you. Sorry.

    Good luck with the move.

  2. Donna B

    Somebody is going to get some beautiful hair.

    Your store looks like it is going to be the best ever! drool, drool!

  3. Becky

    I can’t wait to see the new store. Would a Tuesday night work for Shannah and I to make up our last Sheep Breeds class?

  4. historicstitcher

    I can’t wait to see the finished pictures!! It looked so good when I left last night! Do you still like it?

    And my mom’s Christmas village has sprouted from four houses on the mantel to almost 100 houses, about 150 people, little electric street lights, a moon, a boat, lighted trees, snow everywhere, and rocks and natural effects. It’s crazy!

    Is there a Christmas Village Intervention?

  5. Tracey, in MI

    Good for you! Moving downstairs will give you more space- rt? Cool. Easier to bring wheels in and out- too;)

  6. Tracey, in MI

    Good for you! Moving downstairs will give you more space- rt? Cool. Easier to bring wheels in and out- too;)

  7. Lisa

    Congrats on the move! I can’t wait to come back and see it. I am still crying over the fact that your classes are this coming weekend. I would be there so fast if it wasn’t the same dates as my daughter’s senior year high school musical. She has a great part and there is NO WAY I can miss that lol! I will have to catch one of your classes another time!

  8. Anonymous

    Hi there Beth….I am the lady that is sitting and spinning at the Fiber Expo…my name is Michelle Murdock and yes, I am loving my new Ashford Traveller wheel that I bought from your shop the week after the expo.
    I am anxious to see your new setup downstairs and am planning on coming in to the shop sometime this week for some dyed roving to spin on my new baby.
    Congrats on the move and see you soon :o)


  9. Kate A.

    Well no wonder you like it when Erika yells at you! Must make you feel right at home. 🙂

    That’s so sweet of Maggie to donate her hair – especially when she has such spectacularly beautiful hair!

    And congrats on the move to the bigger space!! Cooler in summer, too! Awesome! (I can’t wait to go back and see it…do you realize how much fiber I’m going to need by then? And also that I got a job interview? That’s not the same as a job, of course, but it’s closer than I was a week ago…)

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