Originally the first Tuesday of the month was when some people came by and spun or knitted or whatever and we just had a nice time and the rest of the Tuesdays I just hoped to see a smiling face. Well, now every Tuesday is buckets of fun. Michelle comes almost every Tuesday Shannah comes too and so does the other Michelle (that’s her in the middle of the photo). And of course Maggie’s day at the shop is always Tuesday. Fantastic Fun. Michelle and Shannah keep me in line and the other Michelle… Just buckets of fun every week now.

This picure has a lot going on. Maggie has just learned to use a niddy noddy and it skeining off some yarn she just plyed on the ladybug wheel. Michelle is plying something she just finished spinning and everything is everywhere in the shop – like always.
I do straighten up in there. I do. So does Shannah. It just gets messy really fast. Don’t know what to do about it. But look at little Maggie go with that niddy.
Here’s the never ending sweater finally knitted into submission. I’ll give you all the gory details. The yarn is Katia Surf 100% acrylic. I bought this yarn more than 6 years ago at a little yarn store in Phoenixville PA. I loved the feel of it and loved the shine of it so every ball they had came home with me – 12 I think.
I had this yarn in my stash for at least a year and then decided to make a sweater for Chelsea out of it. I began the search for an appropriate pattern which took a couple of months and then set out to knit the thing.
The pattern is from Vintage Knits by Sarah Dallas. It is the Ribbed sweater done on 3.0 mm needles.
k2p2k2p2k2p2k2p2 until you want to scream!!!!
Last October I decided I would finish it for Chelsea and give it to her for Christmas. The back was already done and the front was about at the halfway point. I knitted like crazy and got the front finished and the sleeves about halfway. Then it was Christmas…
I put it in a box and wrapped it and promised to finish it.
Then 3 weeks ago I remembered the box and started knitting again. Hours and hours and hours.
I don’t like knitting with this yarn. There’s no give, flexibility. It is 6 ply yarn that splits like crazy.
Never Ending.
Until tonight.
I had Brittney model it – cause Chelsea hasn’t seen it yet. Wouldn’t be fair to count it at a Christmas present again, I guess….

Some skating for the grandparents…


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  1. Mystic Lee (aka Michelle)

    Thankfully, you are open late on Tuesdays and your shop is HEAVEN, not messy at all…just LOTS OF GOOD STUFF… and wheels galore! We love hanging out,spinning, sampling, hugging and TRY to pick up after ourselves. Maggie is so cute and we are awed by her developing talents. Congrats on finishing the sweater! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all The Spinning Loft gang!

  2. Michelle

    I agree with the other Michelle that your shop is not messy just well lived in with lots of fiber love astrewn about at times but that is a great thing.
    I look forward to Tues nights and hanging out with the rest of The Spinning Loft Gang….what a great name for all of us fiber & spinaholics that frequent The Spinning Loft on Tues evenings.
    I also love watching Maggie grow as a spinner and have so much fun talking with her each week. She is a sweetheart and an awesome spinner like her mother!
    Happy Holidays to you Beth, your family & to the rest of The Spinning Loft gang.
    PS. I love that name & think it will stick!

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