2018 – I Love to Teach

long draw

It’s August and I’ve begun thinking about next year’s calendar. I have some


space available if you want me to come and teach at your guild or your shop or your house for you and our friends. Drop me an email or a message and let me know and we can start planning!

In case you’re wondering I have a pretty extensive list of classes available. The classes range from 90 minutes to super in depth 3 to 5 day intensives. Beginning classes to advanced and even some weaving thrown in for good measure. And if there is something your group is eager to learn I’m happy to develop a class just for you.

One of the benefits of hiring me is that I bring my tiara case wherever I go and everyone is welcome to try them on. In addition, if you choose a princess breeds study you can have a tiny tiara of your very own.

So, to recap, if you are looking for a teacher for your guild, shop or group for 2018 I’m your girl.



3 thoughts on “2018 – I Love to Teach”

  1. Heidi Smith

    I would love some lessons from you. What are your rates for one person? I can travel to you or you can come up here. It’s not too far. I live Mount Pleasant! V

  2. Amy O'Malley

    You need to come to Maine. EOM.

  3. Barbara Green

    I’m in southern Minnesots, 70 miles south of Minneapolis. What do you charge for 3 day workshop? What are your travel charges? Thank you!

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