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First week in the new shop has come to an end and it was great. We already feel very at home in our new place. There are still a few bits to gather at the old location and we’ll work on that over the next few weeks. Lots of you were already able to come and visit and I hope that lots more of you will come and see us in the next couple of weeks. It’s really great.

In the midst of all this I spun some yarn. I like this skein the best. It was my Spunky Eclectic February club color. I had two 4 ounce bundles. I split one of them down the middle and spun two bobbins and plied. I still have the other 4 ounce twist in the shop next to the skein so you can see the difference in the spinning.

There were some new rigid heddle weavers born this week and some new spinners are coming right along. Then on Saturday I went to Spinner’s Flock – my spinning guild and came home with a new present for myself.
Well, not home. It’s at the shop. The wheel is 42″ in diameter. it needs a couple of somethings to help it work a little better but all of the parts are there and it’s lovely.
This wheel was originally made in Michigan and I just love it. So much to do this week but I do expect to get sidetracked by working with this girl:-)


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  1. Janice in GA

    Lucky woman! What a great looking wheel!

  2. ColorJoy LynnH

    Congratulations on the new space, and what sounds like a pretty excellent moving experience.

  3. Dee

    Wow, look at that new baby! Love the patina of the wood. Have fun working with her. Wish I could have stopped by the shop. If only I lived closer!

  4. Obsidian Kitten

    Beautiful wheel!

    I love the new space. Congratulations!

    The Jersey Shore and I will be thinking of you =)

  5. denny had one first but loves you anyway

    copy cat.

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