It looks as is I have reached the picture limit of a post on blogger. I would like to say right off that this post is meant mostly for my sisters – who won’t be visiting home for Christmas this year – and also for Dana.

Here is our mother. This picture was taken today about 11 AM She has a wedding for 80 guests that begins at 4PM and she has to cook all of the food but she is out putting garland on the porch. She’ll get finished, she always does.

This room is named Kenneth. It has a king size bed but it only has a regular bathroom. It has a lot of square footage though and is decorated very nicely.

Here is the parlor again for those family members – and you know who you are – who complained about the last pathetic pictures.

Dining Room

Some of my mom’s beaded bags. The red one and the beige one are both knitted with beads and I made them for her. The red one will be traveling back to Michigan with me tomorrow to attend Dana’s son’s wedding in two weeks.

This room is called Mary. Queen size bed. Footed tub in the bathroom.

This is my brother – the grumpy looking one, my sister in law – darling and happy, my charming husband – also darling.

I worked on Navajo Plying today. I have a picture of my pathetic attempt. I’ll post it tonight if possible. If anybody has any advice about the Navajo Plying I would love it. I read instructions from the internet and possibly need some more guidance.


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  1. Nora's Lulu

    Love the day-time tour. Can’t wait to see the place in person. Looks great for a March weekend get away. I’ll also be happy to see the bag once again in person. Why’s Leon/Malcom (I know he has both names, just can’t remember which one he uses)cranky? Too much pie? Aunt Barb… no wonder Maggie speaks so fondly of her. Have a fun ride home, can’t wait to tickle and love up those kiddles.

  2. Anonymous

    Safe journey home!

    -Secret Pal

  3. Anonymous

    PS – if you’ve run out of picture space, have you tried using either Photobucket (http://www.photobucket.com) or Flickr (http://www.flickr.com)?

    You can link to your pictures from that website by using an image tag:
    [img src=”URL OF IMAGE”]
    (replace the [] with <>)

    -Secret Pal

  4. Silvia

    What a great home:) I love it all and wish I could come and spend time just sitting.
    About your Mum’s doing..how can they manage it all and why can’t we do half as much??? Mum’s are just amazing

  5. MeatGel

    The Queen — Mom — is a robot. Beth doesn’t know it yet, and that is why mom hates when Beth hugs her. don’t tell Beth.

  6. Marie

    Wow! What a wonderland! I got a wreath out…gosh I feel so pathetic! anyhooo..beautiful pictures. Thank you for the inspiration! I am going home early to decorate!

  7. jessie

    Those pictures (and the ones from the previous post) are amazing. I got married in a country inn that was not nearly as lovely as your parents’ place, but seeing all the white lights and garlands has made me wistful for my anniversary, which is coming right up. Perhaps an overnight somewhere is in order….

    Do you have any pictures of the outside of the house? I already can imagine what it looks like, but I’d love to see!

    Your mother is an amazing woman.

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