A Boy And My Dog

. I have no new knitting content due to the never-ending shawl. Maybe tomorrow I’ll post another progress picture. I don’t see much difference but maybe if I post a couple of pictures next to each other we can all feel better.

This is what we found after dinner last night. Penny wasn’t put into her crate by any of the adults in the household. Everyone gets three guesses – and the first two don’t count – about who closed the door. I’ll give you one hint. He’s a boy and he’s short. Is that two hints?

Of course as soon as he sees the camera he gets out his modeling smile. Penny would just like her space back.

More tomorrow.


1 thought on “A Boy And My Dog”

  1. Anonymous

    My niece and nephew used to do that with the crate I had for my Samoyed. Except that they both went in and shut the door with the dog outside.

    Your lace swap pal. Watch your mail this week, the package has been mailed.

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