I thought that maybe some of you would like to take part in my Grand Opening Party. So here it is. A contest.

Whoever has the most original/amusing/entertaining guess as to what the crap this thing is will win.

What will you win, you ask? Well, If you are a knitter and not a spinner I have some Alpaca With A Twist in two different weights. We shall discuss. If you are a spinner I will send you 8 ounces of some fabulous fiber. Again, we shall discuss.

So here it is.

Here is a better view from the top. See there’s a hole drilled in the side of the bowl.

I don’t know.

Why would anyone buy this?

My Ma! She loves me. After this weekend is over I will be using it to display some handspun yarns in the shop.

Speaking of the shop…Looky what I got today. It’s the new Kromski Sonata.

It folds almost flat and goes into that green bag. I love the look of it. It’s a little more noisy than I like in a spinning wheel but maybe it just needs to get broken in. It spins very well though.

It has 3 drive ratios and is easily adjusted. Retail price with the bag is $580 if I remember correctly.

If I compared it directly to the washboard Joy however – not taking appearance into consideration – I would probably go with the joy. I think that even though the Joy is $75 more, including the bag, you get a lot more for your money as far as built in versatility. And the Joy is quieter. But I am partial to Ashfords…and Majacrafts…and Schachts…

The Kromski sure is cute though. I think I need to spin on it a little more.

Well, tomorrow is the big day so I’d better be getting my rest. I’m hoping for a big day and I’m scared that I won’t be able to handle it. So many mixed feelings of hopefulness and nervousness.

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