A Feathered Hat

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I’ve had some inquiries concerning my recent whereabouts.

I’m in Pennsylvania at my parent’s house. I’ve been here for about 3 weeks. I’m actually going to drive home on Friday. That’s good. I miss my kids and my darling. I came to PA to help out for as loing as I could. My youngest sister will be taking my place when I leave.

I need to go home because we have a short vacation planned for the end of next week and also Plyaway is coming quickly and even thouigh I packed up all of my materials before I left, I need to ship the boxes and get some other bits ready to go.

While I’ve been here we’ve gone through some family pictures and joked and laughed a lot. I also found my wedding hat and the jacket to my wedding dress. The rest of the dress is at home in my closet.20160330_105055

Your eyes are not deceiving you. It is pink. Victorian-like. When I got married my parents owned a victorian mansion that they ran as a bed and breakfast. I used to work there. We had the wedding out in the back yard with a tent and all the things. It was the best wedding I’ve ever been to.

My mom made my dress, the bridesmaids dresses, did all of the flowers and most of the food. Here’s her picture:


The dress story is kind of funny. I had been to several dress shops and tried things on but nothing was right. We were sitting together at a bridal show waiting for the dress fashion show to begin and I saw the lghtbulb appear over her head. I quickly got her some paper and a pencil and she sketched my dress as well as a hat to match. We didn’t even see any of the dresses before she was done sketching.

After that we went to Philadelphia to choose the fabric and this pink brocade was the perfect thing for the dress.

I had brocade pumps dyed to match…I wonder where they got to.

This beaded lace at the neckline is still beautiful to me.20160330_105122

I still love the dress and the hat.20160330_105114


So, the question of the day is this: without taking the whole thing apart, is there a way to clean the tulle on the hat? It’s very grey and dusty.

I’ll be taking all of this home with me on Friday.


4 thoughts on “A Feathered Hat”

    1. Wanda Dipple

      Yes. It can be cleaned. It will be a slow process involving a spanking new blush brush, white bar towels, make-up sponge (I prefer triangular), and two misters: one with 50/50 water/peroxide solution + a drop or three of Woolite; the other with distilled water.

      1. Dry brush with the blush brush staring at the crown. Natural bristle make-up brushes are FABULOUS for removing particles from fabrics. Think archeologists uncovering antiquities.

      2. Actual cleaning can be done in small isolated sections.
      ·Use the bar towel behind the net to absorb the various soluions.
      ·Spray the sponge with 50/50 sol. Dab the netting.
      ·Rinse with distilled mist.
      ·Dab dry, move on.
      ·Move the towel OFTEN. (Paper towel can be used, but be careful for it can stick.

      You’re welcome

  1. Amy Boogie

    Here’s the thing. your hat has feathers on it. You can soak your hat in cleaning stuff but you can’t use the really good stuff because of the feathers.

    How’s it all attached? Sewn or any glue? You can soak in a cleaner but the tulle won’t get white white without something like oxy and oxy is bad for feathers.

    Take it to a restorer maybe?

  2. Wanda Dipple

    I hate spell check and spell check hates me… STARTING at the crown. BTW – That is an AMAZING dress!! The beading is lovely. Talented and loving hands create great works of art!

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