Beth Smith

A Look Back

Today’s look back is a darling of a post.

So many cute things. Maggie got some awesome sneakers, Ryan made a goal at the University of Michigan hockey game during an intermission and I am worried I have too many spindles because I own 13. LOL!

It was 2007. 10 years ago. That means Maggie was 6 and little did she know that she would be getting that spinning wheel for Christmas just like she wanted. Ryan was 4. So crazy. He’s a giant kid now. Taller than me and I definitely can’t pick him up anymore.

It’s so weird. I feel so nostalgic and sentimental this year. I’m not usually that person. Maybe it’s too many viewings of A Christmas Carol or too many Hallmark Christmas movies. I don’t know.

But while I compose myself…did you see I’m hosting a retreat in October? Super small (only room for 10) and all inclusive!

Also, I’ve launched a Patreon page and I hope that you will support me and join me in this community I am building.

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