A Month!

It’s been too long between blog posts. Time just gets away and then another day goes by. So we’ll just talk about many of the reasons I have been sidetracked from the blogging.

The photo above is from the Howell Memorial Day Parade. The band is the Howell High School Band. I love this band. The mascot is the Highlander and the band actually has bag pipes. I do like the sound of bag pipes. I really do.

After Memorial Day I was busy getting ready for my classes at TNNA. TNNA is the big yarn convention that takes place in Columbus Ohio every June. Yarn and needlework shop owners from all over go there to check out what’s new and what’s up as far as yarn and needlearts goes. I taught a class about how to teach beginning spinning and how to add and market fibers to your yarn shop.

I taught on Thursday and Friday and the market opened on Saturday. I was only looking for a cotton sliver supplier. I found one. A great one. I bought 7 shades of organically grown cotton which should come to the shop around September. I also found several other fantastic items that will be coming over the next few months. Some naturally dyed fibers, some Merino that feels like cashmere, some Lantern Moon goodies and interchangeable needle sets that I was quite impressed with. I also brought home all of the fiber in the Abstract booth. ALL of IT! I posted it in the webstore if you wanna see.

Also, when I got home there were Wildcraft Spindles and Blue Moon Fiber Arts Fibers! All on the webstore
While I was at TNNA I was busy. Meeting with great people and shopping and eating ice cream and talking some more. Miriam Felton’s new book will be out soon and I ordered some. Shannon Okey’s new book is out and I ordered some. Dinner with Teva Durham and Miriam. Dinner with Jillian Moreno and some people from Storey Publishing. Breakfast with Kimberly Reynolds and XRX. I think I sat on Carol Sulcoski’s lap (or I dreamed it). I went to the Ravelry party which was crazy! Hugs with Amy Singer. Sleeping with Abby. Harassing Dave from Louet. There are people I am forgetting. There were so many people! So much fun and so much exhaustion and so much hurty feet.
At the end of the weekend I met this lovely lady. I don’t know her name but look at that tattoo! She knitted the doily and took it to the place and they put a picture of it on her arm. Amazing.

In between all of this I have been working on a somewhat secret project.
The Spinning Loft is moving. 102 South Michigan Avenue, Howell will be our new address. It’s bigger. With a separate classroom. Amy King will be our first out of town teacher in the building.
I love the space and so does Chelsea. So we will be closed from July 2nd to July 5th while we move and arrange and get ready for business in our new spot. Not far from the old one but much better. Plus, the coffee shop is just across the street, more parking, and restaurants all very close.
WE CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!

Also, this:


19 thoughts on “A Month!”

  1. SparkCrafted

    congrats! can't wait to visit you sometime in the future….

  2. Tracey, in MI

    ahhhh! YAY! What a great- open bright and beautiful space!


  3. Tracey, in MI

    ahhhh! YAY! What a great- open bright and beautiful space!


  4. polinium

    I can attest to the feel of the merino. I felt it last night and nearly swooned. I suppose the giant desk area in the new shop is acceptable, but I'll be sad to not see the old set with the painted on flowers.

  5. Spunky

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink counter! Thank you again for getting a new shop just for me

  6. itsjustmeghan

    congrats! it's beautiful! are you still gonna have sleep over classes? i'm saving up for some in the future. 🙂

  7. Brittney

    If you need extra help, miss, I can offer my services free of charge on the stipulation you provide a way out to the great state of Michigan for me. You can expense it.

  8. Abby Franquemont

    you tell that amy king that she may be the first out of town teacher, but i'm gonna be the first out of town smartass. in her face.

  9. Divine Bird

    Oooh Love the new space!! One of these days I'll get out there to see you in person. 😀

  10. Ezara

    Wow! The new place is going to rock! So cool that you will have a separate classroom as well as more space!

    Congratulations! I cannot wait to see the new place in July. 🙂

  11. Rachel H

    Your new space looks fabulous! Congratulations!

  12. Dee

    Maggie is too funny. She's your daughter, to be sure! I love the new space. Sorry that I won't be in town when you have moved into it but I can always drive past it before I head back to PA.

  13. Marcy

    Bwahahahaaaa! You bought out the whole booth!??! I love you Pinky!

    Oh, and tell Maggie not to try the nose whistle trick when she has a cold. Not that I have personal experience with such a thing.

    WAHOO on the new space! Does it have a special time out room?

  14. Beth

    I did sleep in the same room with Abby…that counts, right? Sleepovers will continue once in a while as soon as we figure out how it will work.
    And we are so excited for this new space!

  15. goldfishgirl

    Ooh congrats on the new shop space, it looks fab! Maybe one day I'll come over and visit 🙂

  16. Bethany

    Yay! Congrats on the new space!! How exciting.

    Maggie rocks too. hahah!!

  17. ColorJoy LynnH

    Super exciting, and the new space is so perfect!!!

    Brilliant move to take home all that fiber. They have such incredible stuff, it's a perfect catch for you.

    Thanks for introducing me to Abby. Must find a way to do one of her trips. Must. Still paying off huge car repair, but now I know the next big goal after that.

    Go, Maggie. Be yourself!

  18. regina

    Mazel tov! The new space looks fantastic. I hope to actually get to visit in person someday instead of merely daydreaming about it.

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