A Smaller House

If I ever move again I am buying a smaller house.

It’s true.

I know you are asking why. Well, I’m gonna tell ya.When we moved to Michigan there were 4 of us. Then Maggie and Ryan came to stay. That made 6 of us.

The population of this house has fluctuated between 4 and 6 over the last 10 years. We’re currently at 6 since Chelsea and Tiny are here for the summer.  We’re actually 7 now because Brittney is visiting for a couple of weeks.

So you are thinking – Why oh why would you want a smaller house if you have more people in the house than what you came with?

Because! I am a very popular person. My family loves me so much. They are always waiting for words of wisdom, advice, humor and admiration. Due to all of these things everyone is always in the same room with me.

If I sit in the living room to spin and relax, everyone joins me. If I go to the kitchen to make a snack or breakfast or just look in the refrigerator, everyone joins me. If I need to do some work and so I go hide in my room to write or do paperwork, everyone joins me. It’s always crowded and noisy wherever I am so I may as well buy a much smaller house next time so there is less to clean – or harass people into cleaning.

I love them. I do. It’s just crowded.




4 thoughts on “A Smaller House”

  1. valerie

    Alas, Beth, it does not last forever. So may as well enjoy it while you can. Tho I know it can be trying. I remember being in the bathroom and seeing an assortment of little hands & paws reaching under the door.
    It’s peaceful to be in there now.

  2. Andrea

    I feel your pain. But it is also a bit dismaying to read your post and realize that this will not change as time goes on (which I had hoped was the case, since I have toddlers). I love my family, too. But sometimes I can love them more if they give me a little breathing room once in a while.

  3. Michelle

    If I lived closer, Beth, I’d be there too! Hugs

  4. There is a silver lining to this, Beth. YOU ARE LOVED! But, I can understand the situation and the challenges. Best wishes!

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