About Me

Beth has had a lifelong interest in textiles, and she comes by it naturally. Her grandmother was a pattern maker in a dress factory and her mother had her own dressmaking business where she made everything from everyday clothing for women to wedding gowns.

Beth learned to sew, knit, and some crochet as a young girl but sewing was the only craft she carried with her into adulthood. That was probably due to numerous trips to Fabric Row on 4th Street in Philadelphia with her mother to purchase fabric for wedding gowns and bridesmaid’s dresses. Fabric Row has store after store filled with beautiful fabrics and she loved to touch the bolts of fabric, especially the shiny ones. That tendency continues until this day.

Over the last 20 years Beth’s focus has moved from sewing clothing to quilting, knitting and weaving and back to sewing. This study of fibers and fabrics gives her a unique perspective regarding textiles and clothing in particular.

 Beth is the author of two books. The first, The Spinner’s Book of Fleece, which is a workbook on how to make decisions about how to spin wool. It includes instructions for every step in the process from selecting a fleece to scouring and processing to sampling and choosing the correct yarn for a project.

The second book, How to Spin, is an affordable step by step guide for how to spin with a spinning wheel. It is a great book for new spinners and a good reference for more experienced spinners looking to expand their skills.

Beth has also made two videos with Interweave Press which are Spin Thin and Spinning to Get Even. These are two of Beth’s most popular classes that can be enjoyed at home at a leisurely pace.

And now Beth is back to custom sewing. She sells custom made skirts through her webstore as well as making and altering custom dresses and gowns for people who are available for in person fittings.


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