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Hi! I’m Beth

I have been playing with fabrics and fibers since I was a tiny kid. Sewing is the thing that has continued to follow me through all of my other hobbies and businesses.

Over the last 30 years my focus has moved from sewing clothing to quilting, knitting, spinning, weaving and then back to sewing. This study of fibers and fabrics has given me a unique perspective when it comes to textiles and clothing in particular.

I’m an avid skirt wearer and I know what makes me comfortable in a skirt. I am hoping that I can bring that knowledge to your closet with one of my skirt designs.

In addition to ready to wear and made to order skirts I also do custom sewing of everyday and special occasion dresses.

I apply couture and high quality sewing techniques to all of my designs. I use the best fabrics I can find and attention to detail that can’t be found in stores so that I can make you the most beautiful clothing that will last for years of regular wear.