Beth Smith

Ain’t She Sweet

Here’s Brittney in her new hat. She likes it. I didn’t even get to block the thing because she took it and I had to go fish around for it upstairs so I could get a picture.

Isn’t she cute. Just back from yoga class.

It’s made from the Berrocco Ultra Alpaca I bought last week.

Three more kids to outfit with winter items.

These are the mittens I’m starting to match Brittney’s hat. She is leaving on the 1st of September so I don’t have much time to finish them if I want her to have them before she leaves.

If I don’t finish them before she leaves they will totally be on the back burner until after Rhinebeck. I’m obsessed with the shawl and I only manage to drag myself away because the fam. thinks I am neglecting them.

Project Runway tonight!

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