All the Babies


I’m getting ready for my classes which will come quickly, one after the other, beginning next week in Los Angeles.
One of the classes i am teach a couple of times this fall is about spinning and finishing downy fibers such as Cashmere, Yak, and Qiviut. I realized that although I’ve talked about this many times before, i never saved my samples. So I made some new ones.

On the top are the samples as they came off of the wheel. The second photo is of the finished yarns. From top to bottom they are, Qiviut plied with silk, 2 ply Qiviut, 2 Ply Camel, and 2 ply Cashmere. I love the Cashmere most of all.

They were all spun with a long draw and then finished a bit violently with hot and cold water along with some plunger action. Many people get so nervous to treat their yarns this way but it is for their own good. I’m happy to demonstrate in person:-)




Also, the books arrived! I’ve been signing them with a personal message and shipping them out as fast as I can. There are still more to ship but I have placed another order for books and so if you would like a signed copy, don’t worry! Here’s the link.



And! There’s another baby. His big sister Candice turned 3 on Tuesday and Cohen came on Friday. That’s 3 grandchildren for me, already!



2 thoughts on “All the Babies”

  1. Elizabeth Risch

    I loved your line, “but it’s for their own good.” ROFLMAO.

    1. Mary Rose Lambke

      I am looking for charcoal gray wool as found in Helsinki to knit a replacement for a lost mitten.

      I will send you a picture shortly. Thank you, Mary Rose Lambke

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