And There’s More!

This is a new wheel I just got. It’s called Mach 1 by Spinolution. I was intrigued by the thing. It’s just new on the market and there are only a few people who have one and I am one of them.

I got the thing yesterday and started playing with it – putting aside the paperwork and paying of bills I was supposed to be doing. It took a little finagling but I finally got it. It’s very different than any wheel I’ve seen. There treadles kind of rock back and forth and the wheel is pretty when it spins. It has those two little pedals on the sides to stop the wheel when you want instead of sticking your hand in there and breaking a nail.

It does have really good movement and the momentum is great. It’s a little noisier than I would like but we’re talking about the early stages of production here and little improvements will be made little by little – as I complain about stuff:-)

It works sort of like a scotch tension wheel I think. The tensioning knob is above the bobbin. I don;t have photo of it – bummer. The front of the flyer snaps off and the bobbin slides out. The bobbin is HUGE. I need to spin some yarn and see how much it can hold but I think it’s bigger than a Louet bobbin.
I kind of like it and I have a feeling it might grow on me.

It’s a little heavy – heavier than a Schacht Matchless – so you wouldn’t want to be toting this thing around very much. It comes unfinished and so I probably will put a little wax on this one to protect it since I have plenty of people coming in to try out wheels.

Current Retail on this wheel is $495. It does only come with one bobbin – which we have talked about – but additional bobbins are available.

Come in and try it if you’re around.
Next are my samples from the Abby workshops. First up spindle tricks. I made this teenytiny little skeinlette on this teenytiny little spindlelette made by Abby’s own hands. It is a dowel and a tiny toy wheel. No notch was to be found on the shaft. Half hitches all around and I was spinning. It actually worked very well – especially as I got a little yarn on there. We spun and spun and then we learned the Andean method of plying. Not what you think – go check out Abby’s YouTube videos and her blog. You can really get some twist on that spindle if you spin it from your palms! Three hours of spindling and some went home and some stayed over.
Around 11PM Abby made me a mini batt of Masham and Tussah. It was a beautiful thing. I just want to say that the girl is anal about the carding. Light touch and smooth movements. I made a tiny skein of singles yarn. It hasn’t been washed yet.
Saturday morning off we went to learn about sock yarns and we began with a striped yarn of 2 colors of Blue Faced Leicester. This is a poor picture. It’s better in person. This one is a 2 ply.
There was chained plying of SWTC Karaoke. (I’m a master at that now that I had Patsy’s class:-)
There was the bouncy springy yarn. The dyed yarn is Jitterbug that I bought in Frankenmuth and wanted to copy. I was convinced by the way it moved that there was elastic in it. But the label said 100% merino. Check out the white on the right. The twist angle in the ply almost matches it exactly and the springiness is fantastic.
I am also going to be carrying Abby’s Batts at the shop – oh, yeah I told you that already. Well, I swiped these before anything went on the shelf. Alpaca and some other stuff that I can’t remember cause I am a poor listener and never write anything down.
Remember the orange yarn from Abby Batts? Well she brought me some coordinating batts cause pink does go with orange. The colors aren’t showing up very well here but there are streaks of orange in those pink batts. I wonder if I have enough to make one of those shawls? The article calls for 18 ounces and 1040 yards of spun yarn. I only have 5 ounces but….hhmmm.


6 thoughts on “And There’s More!”

  1. --Deb

    Such a cute little wheel! It’s so great to see new people coming up with new wheels. I love how this craft is just exploding lately.

    And, love that springy yarn! I haven’t been able to get MY yarn to be that springy….

  2. Donna B

    That wheel does look like fun!

    those batts you swiped sure look lovely….I could almost write another check…. 🙂

    I think one of the coolest things about the whole time was getting to watch Abby card a batt !

  3. Anonymous

    hmm very intrigued by the new wheel. If the bobbin is massive and their still working on the details of this wheel. Please,please please (with abby batts on top) tell them to try a delta orifice. We need more wheels on the market that can spin big yarn, and ya know…it all about the hole.
    Shhh you in the back row that is not dirty.It’s “helpful” and moist.denny

  4. Abby Franquemont

    Building on Denny’s delta orifice suggestion, I’d propose an open orifice (think Journey Wheel). I really really wish that wheel had been there for the weekend! Heh.

    Your brownish batts are about a third each merino/alpaca/bamboo. I’ll be interested in how they spin up. I will probably try more for me. And I’ll make you more too I suppose.

    Now that you’ve had time to think about it, what would you say was your favourite yarn from the weekend?

  5. Kate <a href="http://weneedobama.blogspot.com/2008/02/solidarity-with-hussein.html">Hussein</a> A.

    Oooh, that is a pretty wheel. I watched the video on their web site and they said it is an open orifice, though they didn’t actually *spin* on it in the video (annoying) so I don’t quite see how it works. They also said it isn’t noisy after you switch one little thingy to another little thingy. I’m counting on you, Beth, to look into all these details and report back to us. I hope the wheel is still there in August so I get to try it!

  6. Anonymous

    So after going to the Web site of the “new wheel” It does have an open orifice. Well I’ll be darned. I want to try this wheel. Is the price on their web page the wholesale or retail? I think Abby should buy one. She needs to add this one to her collection, don’t you think Beth. I also think the gal with the biggest house should have the most(not moist) wheels. That ain’t me babe. love the Dennyx0x0x

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