Another New Start


Get ready for a very very very picture heavy post.

Two years ago I began using the Bullet Journal method of keeping track of my stuff. All of my writing assignments, spinning stuff, teaching appointments, personal stuff and all the other junk went in there. I liked it and it was working and it was keeping me mostly on track.


It’s a one book system where EVERYTHING goes in there. So if i wanted to take notes at church on Sunday it’s in the book. If I was planning a new project and math was involved, it’s in the book. My pathetic attempt at sketching? It’s in the book. Scribbling nonsense I think of while I’m spinning. It’s in the book. Pen Trials – well, you get it.



So there’s a page in the front that is a table of contents in case I want to find that stuff again.



The problem for me is it’s not working exactly as I’d like. I like to plan forward a little and there’s not a good way to plan further than the end of the month so I have my Google Calendar that takes care of that. But i’m finding me and the electronic planning doesn’t work well because I forget to look at it. I wish I would forget to look at Facebook instead but, alas…

Anyway, anotheer reason it wasn’t making me happy anymore is because I like to plan the next week on sunday morning but then if I make a page for each day of the week and then go to church and want to make notes, the Sunday notes come after the following Friday, unless I leave pages open but how do I know how many pages to leave?

Last fall I started looking for something new and thought I found it in the Midori Traveller’s Journal system but was nervous about making an investment and a fear of the unknown kept me from trying it out.

Of course, July came and I was still frustrated. But! Should I stick it out and fill the current book and change in January or just go for possible planner happiness?

I spoke to my friends Amy and Jillian. Amy gave in immediately. Jillian is stronger but I know she will cave eventually.

I went for it right away too. It only took 10 months to decide!

I ordered the fillers which came quickly but I had looked aorund for the planner covers. Midori makes simple and beautiful ones but I came across Chic Sparrow. The company had great reviews, the leather is made in the USA and the Journals are also made by hand in the USA. So I splurged. 

I began using the new fillers before the cover came and the mailman brought me happiness this morning.


I was ready for it.







I had decorated the inserts last week since they are all kind of brown and I wanted something more…colorful.

As soon as the Journal was unwrapped and sufficiently carressed I added in my inserts.






In addition to the writing paper I have a plastic zipper pouch and card holder as well as 2 pocket folders.

There is a grid book that will be used for project planning, a lined filler that will be for my journalling and note taking and another grid big that will be for goals and future planning.

There is a week on 2 pages refill that will help me stay on track. I can make my daily lists and check things off in the bullet journal way. The first several pages allow me to write all of my scheduled appointments well in advance. I’ll also be adding deadlines to these calendar pages.




I may also have bought about 10 rolls of washi tape and I already want more.





In addition to the sueful stuff I also added a lovely little sparkly bee to the elastic that holds the book together when it is closed. The bee reminds me to Bee Happy, Bee Friendly, Bee Busy. In addition I made some book marks with linen thread and some princessy type charms that jingle when I move around (which is fun).

I’m in love with this system already. I do expect that I’ll make some small adjustments to make it even more easy to use. The greates thing about it is that the personalization is unlimited so I think it could really work for anybody. 

If you want to look at other people’s Journals, check out my Pinterest board for Journals.

You can be sure I’ll keep you updated.


15 thoughts on “Another New Start”

    1. Amy Boogie

      Wait until you see my post tomorrow…. One of us….. One of us

  1. Owlchick

    What advantages does this system have against, say, ye Olde Daytimer or Franklin Covey modular system? Is it just a newer spin on these older ideas?

    1. Beth

      I used a Franklin Covey planner for a while. I think the difference is that that is mostly for planning and scheduling and I like to write things in story form a lot and I need more space for project planning. Then I can file the little booklets together.
      When i was looking at new systems last year I saw lots of Youtube videos where people were comparing the two. I just don’t remember now specifically what sold me on the Midori.

  2. Lynn

    Boogie’s post convinced me – I’m Bullet Journaling. In three whole days of using it, I’ve discovered that I want to do a lot and yet I have time to do so little. I’m depressed.

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  4. I used Franklin Covey for years but I had trouble carrying the thing around – it gets huge if you add all your projects. Then I switched to the Bullet journal and I had the same issues you did with the lack of ability to forward plan, a critical feature for me. I changed in February to Erin Condren and I love the calendar layout and the coloring book festivity of it. But my projects are all in a Leuchtturm1917 bullet journal. Please keep posting about your progress with this relationship. It seems to have a flexibility which might be the right answer. Thanks for sharing this info.

  5. Becca R

    Oh man, I do not need more temptation to buy more paper products. Because of the ridiculous number of years I spent in education this time of year still feels like the time to buy planners, pens and school supplies. I prefer to have a couple different books (church notes or personal study for examples would be in a different book than calendar stuff) but I am finding this difficult to maintain and very underutilized.

    I do dream that the right system will magically make me a more organized person. I should have learned better by now…

    1. Beth

      So far so good! Different books for different things but all of them are always with me.

      1. Becca R

        That is exactly what looked most attractive. I have held off on buying anything new just yet but your post did inspire me to have a revamp of my current system. So many thanks!

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  7. Completely off topic, but I lost touch of what you were doing after the Spinning Loft and am delighted to discover you contributing to PLY with a book to boot. I only visited the shop once, on the way to judge a rabbit show, but I still remember the visit fondly and thank you profusely for introducing me to Teeswater which is one of my favorite wools. Happy Spinning.

  8. I need to know exactly what inserts you ordered so I can be more like you.

    1. Beth

      I got the week on 2 pages, 2 grids and one lined. Also 2 folders, one plastic one that holds business cards and one with a zipper pocket. It’s been 11 days and I love it more and more.

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