The chocolate of the day is Cinnamon Blush. Milk Chocolate Ganache infused with cinnamon.

Covered in Milk Chocolate. MMMMMMMMM……..

So you’re upset I’m not sharing? Well, I don’t even share with Lou and he’s the one who buys these for me. But here’s some yarn to take your mind off of it. Four ounces of 2 ply Louet Northern Lights. Spun by Maggie. Did I mention she’ll be 7 next week? She’ll be bypassing me any day now in her spinning skill.
Here’s an up close. This is probably a very fine sock weight to a nice laceweight. In this 4 ounces there are approximately 300 yards. Very nice.


8 thoughts on “Another”

  1. textilejunkie

    I think it’s awesome that you have the self control to eat just one piece of chocolate. One piece! I don’t share – but I could have that box down in about an hour. Yes I need to work on that self control issue:)

    Maggie’s spinning looks so darn good! She’s going to be a full on master in no time. Way to go Maggie 🙂

  2. Paper Tiger

    I love how “cinnamon blush” doesn’t remotely mean “eclat de canelle” (which means more like cinnamon burst” or “cinnamon eruption”).

  3. Kate A.

    Man, did you have to show us the cinnamon? I love cinnamon.

    Though it’s still tough to say which is more appetizing, the chocolate or the spinning. Go Maggie!

  4. Kim

    Maggie’s yarn even photographs well. Seriously, this is fantastic yarn and so soft…it really wasn’t nice to tease me with it during my whole lesson.

    Can’t wait until next time – I will bring my BR roving.

  5. Alwen

    I love chocolate, but I blush to admit I’m drooling over Maggie’s yarn! I love those soft colors, and truly admire her spinning skill.

  6. MX

    Do you think she would give me lessons?

  7. Redford Phyl

    So, when will Maggie be making her first trip to SOAR? She’s amazing. I think she’s earned a piece of that chocolate.

  8. Ted

    What’s the colorway of the Louet? It’s really pretty — very subtle colors.

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