So Abby mentioned a Zombie Apocalypse. I had no idea what she meant so I went looking. Looks like I will likely die during ot so if you need any food come to my house.


4 thoughts on “Apocalypse”

  1. Knitika


    After reading a bazillion knitting posts, your zombie post caught me off guard and cracked me up. Please stock your shelves with lotsa yummy stuffs!

  2. Abby Franquemont

    71%, myself; Chad is 74%. We both lose points, I think, for being prepared to go save his parents 20 minutes away. Soooo, if you have food, AND fiber, it sounds at least like you have the right place to hole up! Mwahahahaha.

  3. AcadiaSun

    Yeah, well, they can come to my house too for food fiber and reading material. I only got a 23%. In the event of a zombie attack, suicide may be my best option. Oh well…

  4. Sue G

    I’m at 62%, which is a bit of a surprise… must be the weapons, food and rural area that help me out. I have lots of food and fiber — so you’re welcome to travel the 100’s of miles to come take a stand with me. As long as there are no sheep zombies I think we’ll be safe.

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