Just got back from the lace knitters group. I think I am going to rip out my forest path stole. Well, maybe not rip right away. Since I was having a little issue about extra stitches and couldn’t get myself to get going on it again I took it with me to show Faina. She said that she would recommend a smaller needle size and also that I block a swatch and see how the yarn is going to work in the end. I didn’t block my initial swatch and I don’t have it anymore. So, that said, I may just put my blocks on holders and block them right on the border as they are and see what happens to the yarn.

It was a busy day at the shop. Weaving, spinning, knitting and shopping. One of the Schacht wheels went away. It’s always a little sad for me when they leave. I’ve spun on them all and I feel attached to them. They all have strengths and I use them for those strengths when I need a sample. It is important for me to spin on them regularly to keep them in good working order so when someone comes in to try them out there isn ‘t a lot of creaking and clicking from lack of use and oil. I was getting very attached to that DT Schacht Matchless. But soon I’ll be able to bring in my favorite baby – Schacht Reeves 24 inch Saxony. Named Baby.

Also on the way are Kromski Prelude and Kromski Polonaise. I’ve spun on the darling Prelude several times but this will be my first acquaintance with Polonaise. It has a 24 inch wheel and looks like a Norwegian style wheel to me. They should be arriving on Wednesday and then we all become very close friends as I assemble them.

How can I get attached to 15 spinning wheels you ask? I have no clue.


2 thoughts on “Attached”

  1. Marie

    Wow! That is one thing I’ve always wanted to learn..how to spin. I saw it done once when I was a kid and never forgot! is it hard to learn? I can understand how you can get attached to one of those beautiful spinning wheels!

  2. KnitterBunny

    One day, I desperately want to come play at the shop. Driving from West Lafayette, IN puts a damper on dream at the moment.

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