Bad Blogger, No Pictures

I have no pictures.

I went to Alleghan yesterday and I have no pictures.

I looked at sheep, petted them, talked to them. No pictures.

I saw people like my hero Galina. No pictures.

I saw some people I knew a little from Spinner’s Flock. No pictures.

I had my camera so I have no excuse.

I did buy too much stuff though and I will take some pictures and show you tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Bad Blogger, No Pictures”

  1. Kate A.

    I’m so jealous, even without the pictures! My mom lives about a fifteen minute drive from Allegan, and I was just there visiting her (from New York) a month ago…which was when she told me there’s a fiber festival in Allegan. Grr. Be sure to post those pictures of what you bought – I can’t wait to see what I missed. It’ll hurt, but I have to see anyway…

  2. Kate A.

    Where in Michigan are you from, anyway? Are we long-lost twins? You know, I have an embarassing number of huge skeins of “Orenburgskii pukh” yarn bought in Russia, but have so far been too scared to start my first Orenburg shawl. Soon, though. I think I’m going to do the sampler stole (which will be only my second real lace project), and then embark on the Orenburg. I’ll be checking back in here!

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