The thing is…I got some batts from Abby. The mail guy brought them on Saturday. Plenty of them. I’m down to 8 batts. So here are pictures of what I have left because I don;t want to tease you with things you can’t have.
I have two of theses called Magnolia Fiber is 20% Targhee, 15% Merino, 30% Silk, 30% Cashmere. Lovely. If you are interested they are aobut 1 ounce each and the price is $15 each.
I have 6 of these Lilac Tweed (I think) Fiber content is 40% Targhee, 30% Cashmere, 30% Silk. These are also 1 ounce and $15 each.

Now I know what you are thinking and NO I didn’t save any for myself cause there was Beth Bait in the box.

Just sayin’.


4 thoughts on “Batty”

  1. Donna B

    Alrighty, you must save one of the lilac tweeds for me. So pretty. Thanks for sharing, Beth. Your kindergarten teacher would be proud!


  2. Kim

    Would you add one each to my pile? I’m going to come next week—I promise. I want to spin these yummy batts!

  3. maybe if I were Benny

    Beth’s batt bait in the box?? Beauty.

    Denny no batt, bummed.

  4. Kate Hussein A.

    I’m just proud of you for not eating the whole pile. I would have.

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