Almost to 20 pounds! 20 pounds is going to sound so much more substantial. It’s definitely a motivator to keep going.
Today I was checking out Hesira who told me to go check out Susan. So I did. O always do what she tells me whether she knows it or not. Anyway, Susan was talking about the Dove Real Beauty campaign. I watched the little video and was quite surprised. I mean, I knew that they used touch up software to get rid of pimples and cellulite but I had no idea that they actually change the shape of someones body for advertising. It’s … appalling? rude? ridiculous? I don’t have an appropriate word to describe my feelings.
Honestly, this is beauty to me. Me and my darlin‘.
My face is a little thinner now but I still feel the same happiness with him as I did at Thanksgiving or the one before that, or the one before that…
The weight loss that is happening around here is for my health. Of course I feel cuter in my clothes but my current goal weight is 150. Not skinny by any means. I have a huge amount of Diabetes in my family on my mother’s side and I’m very nervous about it. I was diabetic with both of the little kids pregnancies so I definitely have to get this eating under control.
In other news, I have no new pictures for you because even though I have been snapping pictures right and left – even of Maggie’s birthday party – I neglected to put the memory card back into the camera a week ago.
I got the new Lace Addis in the shop. I haven’t knit anything with them yet but the cables are very flexible, the joins are soooo smooth and the points are fab. In addition, I love that they have a gold color to them. So far I only have the 24 inch length because I didn’t want to get all invested if I didn’t like them but I’ll definitely be ordering more. I also have the Naturas for those who don’t prefer metal. They are also nice but the smallest they come is a US2.
I’ve begun work on the Handweavers Guild of America Certificate of Excellence in Handspinning. There will be evaluations this year and the next time will be in 2009. I came up with a working schedule that I think is achievable and it will take me until April of 2009 to complete all of the work. At that point, I can reevaluate the early work and redo what is necessary. I’m a little nervous about it and the rules of packaging and presentation alone can be quite overwhelming. No matter what happens this work can only make me a better spinning teacher because it will cause me to stop and break things down into parts and learn how to communicate the things I know.
Tomorrow is my needlefelting workshop with Shelly Lampshire. I am quite excited!!
Better get to bed so I can be well rested and cheerful.


2 thoughts on “Beauty”

  1. hesira

    That IS beautiful. Great post. I’m so inspired by your weight loss and you deserve to feel cute, but as you said, your health is the first thing. BB (A Work In Progress) wrote about this also, and mentioned weight in relation to health.

    You keep on being beautiful, with your lovely honey! Your happiness is really apparent.

  2. Marie

    Wow! You look MAHVELOUS! I am happy you are thinking healthy!! That is the most important thing. Good luck on your handweavers cert..I know you’ll do great!

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