Stephanie Was Here

I know you all call her the Harlot or the Yarn Harlot but I am not comfortable with that.  I call her Stephanie.As you all may know, I usually bring teachers to my shop because I want their class.  And I was, again, not disappointed.  I learned a...

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Cormo – My Favorite Fine Wool

So here are my Cormo samples.  All of these samples have been washed using the tulle sausage method that I learned from my spinning teacher eons ago and she learned from Margaret Stove's Spinning Fine Wools book.I like this method of washing wools I want to flick...

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Making Wedding Plans

Coming home from Salt Lake City tomorrow.  It's been a fun trip.  Here's the happy couple.  It had snowed and Brittney had tiny flats on so Mark carried her to the house.They are darling.

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It’s Always Wensleydale

Maggie spent some time knitting today. This is what she finished. Her plan is to sew a bunch of squares together into a blanket. She ran out of yarn and is currently winding some Ultra Alpaca from my stash so she can continue. Funny how in June she told Maggie Casey...

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Fleece of Sadness

I buy a lot of fleeces. A LOT!I need them for classes and samplers and for my own sniffing pleasure. I do get some people who report back about how they are happy with the fleece quality they get from me and how they trust me when they are buying their unwashed fleece...

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All of my kids are home right now.Brittney is visiting from Utah where she is finishing up her Master's in Education. She'll be a high school English teacher.Chelsea came back home after her relationship ended. She's planning on being here for about 2 months so she...

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Merino Lace…and Margaret Stove

Margaret Stove has long been one of my heroes. My spinning career began at about the same time as my discovery of my love of lace knitting. It's no secret that I am not a fan of Merino. I should clarify. I am not a fan of spinning mill processed Merino. I love washing...

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So much going on and lots to post a couple of days.The thing is, I was in Peru for less than 2 weeks and I miss it. How could I get so attached to a place in such a short time?

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Are you ready for Beth’s very first line of skirts coming in late June?

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