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Books and Towels

There are two things happening right now and both of them involve free stuff!

First! I have been going through my book shelves to make some room for new things and I have decided to get rid of some of my knitting books and I decided to just give them away to the people who are Patrons of mine. Here’s how it will work. I’m going to put the books in groups of 2 or 3 and offer the bundle to my Patreon people. The only cost will be the cost of shipping which I will calculate and ask people to pay through Venmo or Paypal Friends and Family.

If you think you might like some free knitting books you need to be a Patron of mine. I will begin posting pictures of books on Monday I think so I have time to group them and take photos.

Second! A contest. Yesterday I finished weaving the kitchen towels. Woohoo! I did not write down how many towels I warped for and the warp ended up to be longer than I thought. So here’s the contest. Guess how many towels I wove. The above photo is the towels before I cut them off the loom. You need to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or subscribe through a blog reader to get updates about my posts. After you are all set up, comment with your guess.

I will take all the correct guesses and enter them into a random number generator. The winner will get one of these kitchen towels. Of course it will be all hemmed and finished before I send it off to you. Please, only one guess per person. I will chose the winner on Sunday evening at 7PM eastern and announce it all over the place.

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