Brain Cramps

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Today I’ve got nothing but chocolate. Whole Almond Praline covered in milk chocolate. Pretty good.
I usually eat all of the milk chocolate and white chocolate ones first and leave the darks for last – they’re the favorites.

Well, I do have one thing. I’ve been sitting in my bed most of the day. I feel like crap. Sore throat. Stuffy nose. So I was thinking to myself the other day – and also out loud to others – why is it that other people can whip out the socks and it takes me MONTHS to knit one sock for crying out loud. I like socks. I wear socks. Socks are good and warm and especially the hand knit ones. I think it comes down to one thing. Needles. I’ve tried dozens of needles. All kinds of wood. I’ve bought the fabulous rosewood double points from Lantern Moon that I paid a ton of money for – in comparison to other DP needles. They broke in my bag after t days. So I went to the ebony’s. They broke in my hands. Several brands of Bamboo which I used until they were bent into a boomerang shape. And birch…fagetaboutit. Currently I’ve got nickel plated addis. I kind of like them but they are heavy and too long.

In addition to all of this there’s the second sock syndrome. After 3 or more months of working on one sock I am loath to start the next one.

So I think my solution is 2 socks on 2 circulars (cause I’ve tried the Magic loop and it made me crazy). I went to knitty for help and found these Straight Laced Socks by Jannane Hassler. I like the design of the socks and the techniques is described from casting on all the way through but….I am sick and can’t concentrate on a new thing so I have them cast on and one row on one needle done and I can’t seem to make myself understand the next step. I might be better off trying to figure out the mobius cast on by myself.

Ha! Maybe tomorrow. Where’s my spindle?


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  1. Kate A.

    See – we are twins! I feel exactly the same way about socks. I alternate between magic loop and 2 circs depending on which needles are free and which method I’m feeling more open to at the moment (I prefer both to dpns any day, though). I’ve finally decided it’s a must to do two at a time, or I’ll never knit any more socks.

    The socks I’m supposedly working on at the moment, though, are super-stalled because I’m trying to spin the yarn! Talk about slowing down the process….

  2. jeepgirl

    Beth, I think socks are all about the situation you are in….I knit a pair of socks this weekend(one day)- of course I was stuck in the woods in the middle of no where and if I wanted to step out of the jeep the snow was 3 feet deep(long story but it was supposed to be a fun trip) …so it was a sanity saver of sorts… : ) I love the magic loop…I think it makes socks go faster…and I have an awesome glass needle circular I use… : ) hope your feeling better soon…

  3. Lisa

    I hope you are feeling better soon. I wish I could send you some of my sock knitting mojo! They’re my FAVORITE project.

  4. Kim

    Feel better.

    The socks? go girl, go!

    That yarn is fabulous and you can do it. Sometimes I need to just put it down for a second and come back later.

    Now, where is my spinning wheel? hee hee

  5. Alwen

    If circs work for you, go for it!

    For me, it was smaller aluminum needles. Light, slick, cheap, so I can knit two at once on four needles each without busting the budget.

    I’ve got four sock heels to turn right now. 🙂

  6. http://www.knitterbunny.wordpress.com

    I really like the Hiya Hiya steel DPNs. They are very light and pointy without being too pointy. Of course, my sock average is about a pair every two weeks, but I’ve knit three pairs in Feb. already. lol

    Your yarn may vary!

  7. Kim

    You are soooo sweet! I plied the rest of the stuff left over to practice yesterday and got 76 more yards! It looks crappy (the spinning not the plying) but a good knitter can make use of it anyway ; )

    Can’t wait to visit again!

  8. Redford Phyl

    Magic Loop on Addi Lace. Super light weight. And for some reasons, toe-up socks seem to go faster for me. (When I’m not sick, of course.)

    Feel better. I think I’ve finally turned the corner with my bug. Oh, and I’ll be happy to teach you the moebius cast-on. I’m not as fast as Cat Bordhi, but you can’t have everything.

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