Beth Smith

Brain Cramps

Today I’ve got nothing but chocolate. Whole Almond Praline covered in milk chocolate. Pretty good.
I usually eat all of the milk chocolate and white chocolate ones first and leave the darks for last – they’re the favorites.

Well, I do have one thing. I’ve been sitting in my bed most of the day. I feel like crap. Sore throat. Stuffy nose. So I was thinking to myself the other day – and also out loud to others – why is it that other people can whip out the socks and it takes me MONTHS to knit one sock for crying out loud. I like socks. I wear socks. Socks are good and warm and especially the hand knit ones. I think it comes down to one thing. Needles. I’ve tried dozens of needles. All kinds of wood. I’ve bought the fabulous rosewood double points from Lantern Moon that I paid a ton of money for – in comparison to other DP needles. They broke in my bag after t days. So I went to the ebony’s. They broke in my hands. Several brands of Bamboo which I used until they were bent into a boomerang shape. And birch…fagetaboutit. Currently I’ve got nickel plated addis. I kind of like them but they are heavy and too long.

In addition to all of this there’s the second sock syndrome. After 3 or more months of working on one sock I am loath to start the next one.

So I think my solution is 2 socks on 2 circulars (cause I’ve tried the Magic loop and it made me crazy). I went to knitty for help and found these Straight Laced Socks by Jannane Hassler. I like the design of the socks and the techniques is described from casting on all the way through but….I am sick and can’t concentrate on a new thing so I have them cast on and one row on one needle done and I can’t seem to make myself understand the next step. I might be better off trying to figure out the mobius cast on by myself.

Ha! Maybe tomorrow. Where’s my spindle?

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