Broken Spindles


I don’t talk much about spinning with drop spindles around here. I do it. I like to do it. Maybe it’s something you guys would like to hear more about?

But this morning I was thinking about my spindles. I have recently broken two of my favorites and I’m super sad. I have one that’s been hanging around for years waiting for me to send it in for repair and I keep forgetting to take care of it.

This Bosworth spindle was broken because I set it on the couch for a minute while I was doing something else. Ryan decided to climb on the couch next to me and he kneeled on it. Tragedy.

This is a beautiful Golding Spindle was in a small project bag with the fiber I was going to spin on it. A couple of weeks ago I got the bag out when I was looking for a project to take along with me to an appointment and it was broken. I’m not sure how that happened but it’s pretty unuseable now.

And this Greensleeves lovely went with me to PlyAway in my carry on bag. I didn’t have it in a protective case or anything because I’m a dork. I also didn’t take a spinning wheel with me because I was going to use this spindle for the class I took and I was borrowing a wheel for the classes I was going to teach. When I started to spin with it it was super wobbly and not spinning right so I looked closer. Another one that needs to be repaired.

Now if these were all from the same maker I’d box them all up today and send them with a pleading note and promise to pay plenty of money to have them fixed. But they are all from different makers which means more work and so…maybe I’ll send them next week. Remind me, ok?



7 thoughts on “Broken Spindles”

  1. Marilyn van Keppel

    try sending off just one of them…that might be habit forming!

  2. Brenda Dunse

    OMG! I couldn’t believe your post. I’m right there with you. I’ve been in correspondence with the mfg of one of my favorite spindles to get it repaired this morning. I saw your post and thought my Beth has read my mail. LOL. Hope you get your spindles repaired soon.

  3. C, vereschagin

    I know an old guy that is preddy hand. He may be able to fix them all.

  4. I audibly gasped at the sight of your broken Golding! Now I need to rethink the cavalier way I tuck my spinning in my purse.

  5. chantilly lovelace

    years ago, I had laid my spinning project bag behind my car as I was packing up from a hotel stay. I forgot about it, got in the car, and drove over it. After the day-long interview event was done that I was attending, I realized I did not have my bag. I went back to the hotel. They had it waiting, with a very flat, run over Magpie spindle. I was worn out, discouraged (didn’t get the result in the interview process I’d hoped for), and the demise of the spindle was just the pits.

    1. Beth

      That’s such a terrible story!

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