Casting On

2015-10-30 19.07.03

I have had an issue for the last couple of months and it all came clear a couple of weeks ago when I was going to my first University of Michigan Hockey game of the season.

I like to knit at the games. I don’t like to knit things that are too complicated or too big. Before the game I went looking for an in progress project. Well, there’s a shadow knitting thing that I started about 10 years ago. There’s a Fair Isle sweater I started before that and was advised to rip it out and start over by Janine Bajus. There’s a lace shawl by Romi that is newer but not great for knitting in a crowd. And another shawl that I have struggled with for the last 8 years because I’m trying to fix it without ripping it completely out – which I am seeing isn’t a solution that will work.

None of that would do and I was out of time so I went without a project. It was a very sad game. even though Michigan won.

This past Friday was another game and I wanted to knit something with handspun yarn – since I have very little mill spun on hand. Much of what I have is in small amounts but I found a skein with 300 yards! so i went hunting for a pattern on Ravelry and found one. One of the things I love about Ravelry pattern searching is the ability to search by yardage and yarn weight and nothing else.

Anyway, stop worrying, I now have a new knitting project! It’s by Amy King.

2015-11-13 19.07.38

It’s pretty and even though it’s simple to knit it will be beautiful and warm to wear. If you aren;t familiar with Amy King’s Designs, check them out on Ravelry.

The fiber thae yarn was made from was dyed by David at Southern Cross Fibre in case you are wondering.

Also, don’t worry, the weaving continues. It’s just not a thing that can go to a hockey game.

Anybody else have a project issue?




3 thoughts on “Casting On”

  1. Yep. Startitis. I have a million things started and nothing finished. I have fun though. (Mostly that is knitting… weaving makes you finish if you want to use the loom again.)

  2. Samantha Benton

    I, too, suffer from Startitis, and the need for smaller projects to take on the go, which always justifies starting a new sock even though my daughter’s sweater still needs a second sleeve. Hopefully, she’s done growing (and the “shark tooth” stitch pattern is fluted like giant ribbing!) so maybe the sweater started two years ago will still fit. I’m trying to follow a “one in, one out” policy to help keep my stash in check,but then there’s the spinning, and sewing, and cross-stitch… and there’s a loom in my future, as soon as I can make room for it…

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