Christmas 2007

Christmas is always a lovely time for my family. If we are in Pennsylvania and Delaware there is plenty of running around and visiting and joy. If we stay in Michigan it is much more relaxed. No running around but still plenty of joy. In Michigan Christmas Eve is always a nice dinner. This year we had ham. It was quite beautiful and also delicious.

Before bedtime we open our Christmas Eve gift. It is always pajamas and everyone knows it.

Christmas morning is generally a wake up early day. There are some gifts and a good breakfast. Then the Christmas movies begin and we watch them all day while we eat some yummy hors d’oeuvres all day until it’s time for bed.
So Maggie got her Ladybug and some Louet Northern Lights to spin. She is a happy girl and has almost filled a bobbin already with a single that plies into a DK weight yarn.
Ryan didn’t stop moving all day. As you can see in the photo there are hockey supplies galore.
Chelsea liked (I think) her new sweater.
This is what Brittney and Chelsea looked like most of the day.
I got this.

And this. There was lots of spinning. I will probably take one with me to Disney World. (only 3 days to go!)
Ryan in his new net. It is a full size hockey net and the boy couldn’t be happier. It took up most of the living room. Now it’s in the garage.

Yes those are pink skates. They are Maggies and we are mean and haven’t gotten him new ones so he wears the pink.

Check out how she gets the wheel going with her foot. Cute as a button she is.

And now she’s evidently planning to make yarn and sell it in my shop.

O.K. I’m off in a couple of days to the Magic of the Mouse but there may be some remote blogging.


8 thoughts on “Christmas 2007”

  1. Redford Phyl

    Nice to see that Maggie got her Ladybug. She’s such a natural with it. Has Ryan requested a backyard rink yet? I did it to my dad the year I got my figure skates. Still skated on my ankles.

    Those spindles are gorgeous! Will think about you using them in Mouse Land while we freeze up here. See you when you get back.

  2. knitmd

    I hope Maggie is appreciative of her Ladybug! What a wonderful Christmas present!

  3. Alpaca Granny

    Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us, Beth. Maggie makes me smile ?

  4. somebunnysloveDOTcom

    Wow! A Ladybug is an awesome present to get as a gift. Maggie’s talent is so evident. Have a fun trip in Disney!

  5. Prouty

    Missed you this year—misseed everyone this year

  6. historicstitcher

    Merry Christmas!

    Such a cute spinner! She’s getting so good!! I start my wheel the same way Maggie does! Usually I’m sitting back, relaxing, and don’t feel like sitting up to start it…

    Nice to see your girls all in the same room, too.

    And I don’t think you’re mean for making him wear Maggie’s skates – if he really loves skating, he’ll wear them. Kids outgrow stuff so fast, it’s nice to re-use some things!

  7. Stephanie

    Hi, just came across your blog but I am totally impressed with your 6yo spinning! Please tell her this total stranger thinks she is amazing and it totally jealous!

  8. yabut1963

    Awesome! Awesome! AWESOME!!! You know Santa told me Maggie would get that wheel. I don’t know why you had to even think about it.

    Pink is in for boys I hear. I think the shirts say MAN ENOUGH TO WEAR PINK. It’s about time. We do wear blue, right?

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