Cutting My Way Through


I began this morning with a blog post about my trip to PlyAway last week and I was having a bit of trouble finding things to write that seemed interesting. It was an interesting week and I learned some things and they aren’t the things you might imagine so I’ll just talk about that today and process the other stuff to share later.

I’ve been in a sort of funk recently. It began around January…although Jillian said it’s been going on longer than that. But I’ve been sort of hiding in my house since January. Avoiding friends. Not really talking about what’s going on. Struggling with what I have to do, what I want to do and how to tell the difference and figuring out what is more important. It’s been hard and it’s been sad. Some side affects of that have been procrastination, stagnation and difficulty making choices. My planner pages have been almost empty and my goal setting is nonexistent. So there. I said it.

I had lunch with some really great friends this week. Janine Bajus, Marilyn Van Keppel and Greg Cotton. I told them a little about my struggles and Janine started talking about a book that Sarah Swett had recommended back in December. Janine read it and it helped her make some decisions about ehr business that were hard but she said she feels much lighter now. So, before lunch was over I had bought the electronic copy of the book and downloaded it. By the 5th page I had a little cry because it was everything I had been feeling.

The book is called Growing Gills by Jessica Abel.

There is a workbook that you print out and exercises to do and I’m working on the first one today which is to keep a log of what you spend your time on for 2 weeks. It will be revealing in some ways and not surprising in others I think. Of course I’ll work on the other exercises while  fill in my calendar.

This week is also the week to get caught up on things I promised before I left. I’ll be sending out the dish towels to the contest winners and photographing the books I’m giving away in my Patreon group.

Stay tuned to hear more about my progress with this book. I have high hopes for it.


4 thoughts on “Cutting My Way Through”

  1. Cari Jarman

    I hope you find some peace with things. I kept trying to find you unattended so I could say hi in person last week, but never managed it.

    1. Beth

      I saw you once across the way. It was both a long week and a short week. I’m sorry we didn’t get to chat!

  2. Sarah Swett

    Oh golly Beth, so happy to think that Growing Gills found its way to you by this delightful circuitous route. Friends are the best.
    So (at least for me) has been the concept of idea debt, and applying it to the great swirl in my brain.
    Good luck and spin on!

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