really. I started trying to lose weight in January….I’m up 6 pounds. I suck at this.

That. Is. All


8 thoughts on “Dieting”

  1. Laura

    Normally I lurk 😉 Love the blog. Totally feel your pain. Started Jan as well. Lost nothing ugh

  2. Paper Tiger

    I eventually decided that the best way I could think of not to gain weight was not to diet. (I may have gained some, but at least I'm not outgrowing my pants every 2 months…)

  3. Lynn

    Damn, you stole my post … although I wouldn't have had the courage to post that. And I don't know if I've gained 6 pounds, because I haven't had the courage to get on the scale in a month or two. Hugs, dear. At least you're completely adorable, which makes up for what that stupid scale says.

  4. Sally

    A lot of good tools, articles, encouragement, groups. Making changes to lifestyle, not "dieting". Even if you do nothing but read some of the articles, it might help give you a different way to think about it all? Best wishes to you.

  5. diane

    I am so there….. If you figure it out, you can share with the rest of us. Thanks for the reminder that I'm not the only one – I sure feel like the only one who consistently fails at the weight loss thang

  6. Knitting In The Stacks

    Weight watchers, Adkin, South Beach, Flat Belly. Over the years I have tried them all. I know where you are coming from.

  7. islandknitter

    I watched an interesting Oprah,she had on a lady named Geneen Roth… her books on eating could change how you look at dieting forever…. Women,Food and God is her latest….

  8. jenn

    hang in there and stay positive 🙂

    spring is a wonderful time to start playing outside again and getting in some regular exercise — just remember to do things that you actually like doing!
    i personally hate running so i don't even go there! but i love my bike and bike every day i possibly can!

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