Disappointing One Customer at a Time.

There are a couple of more things I want to say about my last post. I’ve been meaning to write more for days but there are a gabillion things going on right now – like getting ready for SOAR, going to Farm Events, Homeschooling and reminding my Husband that although I seem to be ignoring him lately he is still important to me.

Beyond that though, I think there is a double standard in spinning. I need to ask a couple of questions now and then I’ll move on. Probably on to the next thing that I’m wondering about.

For those of you who sew some of your own clothes, how many times have you begun a project and said to your self or your friend, I want to make sure this looks hand made. I want it to have character and everyone who sees it should know it was made at home.

For those of you who knit, how many times have you begun a project and left dropped stitches and incorrect rows even though you noticed them when they happened because you wanted the sweater or other knitted item to look home made. Gives it character, right?

I’m being facetious of course. I know many of you rip out rows and rows of knitting if they aren’t how you want them. I myself have ripped out plenty of seams if they didn’t sit right. I didn’t want to wear a lumpy bumpy dress and the brides I was sewing for certainly weren’t in the market for a home made dress. They wanted a designer looking thing. I can tell you the designers certainly don’t leave mistakes. There’s a difference between home made and hand made, home spun and hand spun.

Now for some fun stuff – well fun for me anyway. Here’s my thank you box from the Fiber Frenzy Swap over at Spindle and Wheel. Donna was so very generous and I love all of the stuff in the box. Reds is the theme with a Three Bags Full ball of Wool and Silk and a Fiber Sampler from Spinning Bunny in the Oriental Poppies Colorway. There’s a cedar sheep, a mother of pearl diz (so lovely) and a pair of shuttle earrings and two sheep clips for the kids – though I didn‘t give them to them yet (bad mommy). I just love it all. I have plenty of stuff to take to Soar now between the two swap pals=)
On Saturday I was a vendor at AKA Alpacas for National Alpaca Farm Day. There were so many people there. I met some new ones and also some old friends showed up. That’s me in the picture talking to two ladies interested in the upcoming Shelly Lampshire Needle Felting Class. Behind me is my new banner I got made for this particular event and the upcoming Knit Michigan where I will also have a booth.
This is just a shot of the spindle table and some laceweight yarn. Laying on the table are some spindles from Allena. They are all hand carved and spin beautifully. I got them in the mail on Thursday, chose one for myself and took the rest on Saturday. I only started with 7 and am already down to 5. She’s a hit!
My little spot was right next to Sharon Winsauer. She’s such a show off. Look at her hanging that Pegasus shawl up just to tease me! Actually, I love her and she’s one of the smarted people I know. She can actually knit lace in public and hold a conversation at the same time. I need to concentrate more than that.
Just some of the local residents of the farm.
Now for my next problem – or not a problem at all depending on how you look at it.
This Majacraft Rose arrived at the shop on Thursday. It usually takes between 2 and 3 weeks to get one after you order it. Phyl was waiting for this wheel to show up. She liked little Millie but the Rose was the wheel she’s been in love with for at least a year. I need to tell you that Phyl would never touch a wheel in the shop. She would come at least once a month for the last year and spin with spindles. She wouldn’t try the wheels until she could afford to buy one. She talked about the Rose a year ago.
Two months ago Phyl finally allowed herself to start trying out the wheels. The Rose which I had had been sold so she tried all of the others and the Millie was a contender but she wanted to wait and try that one last wheel.
This is where it all gets…good for me.
Thursday Rose shows up and I opened the box. These Majacraft wheels are made from New Zealand Rimu. Usually it is a sort of light color. This particular wheel is slightly darker in color than others I’ve seen. So when I opened the box I remember saying “ooooooooh” out loud even though there was no one else in the shop. Then I put it together. Then I had to spin a little on it. I do that with all of the wheels. It works the oil in and keeps them in good working order in case anybody wants to try them out.

I have never before had a wheel come in that I was willing to de-wheel for. I am now going to sell two of my personal collection to keep this one. Sometimes one just sings to you and you have to give in.

Sorry Phyl. I ordered another one.


9 thoughts on “Disappointing One Customer at a Time.”

  1. Redford Phyl

    You’re forgiven, Beth. There is something magic about that Rose. Her sister will be just as loved. In fact, she already has a name — Lida Rose, like the song from The Music Man. Why? Because the Rose is so very smooth and mellow.

  2. Kelli

    So what ones are you parting with?

  3. jessie

    I have a Rose. You’d have to pry it from my cold, dead hands. Good thing Majacraft has more…

  4. jessie

    I wanted to add to the spinning discussion that I do aim for a quality yarn, but I spin to relax, not to be a perfectionist. There are those people who will religiously count their treadling or whatever to get a perfectly consistent yarn and I’ve seen some beautiful stuff. For me, I just want to spin: to get into the zone, mellow out, and make some yarn in the process. If it’s not perfect, I don’t care. The plying and knitting mask my inconsistencies and if it’s not falling apart or totally twisted, I’m a happy spinner.

    I hope I’m not too late to chime in on this!

  5. heather t

    Knit Michigan? What? When? Where? Curious knitters want to know!

  6. Tracey, in MI

    Yep- Rose is magical. I went to a spinning class a year ago— and well- I came home with a rose!

    (Spinning loft- before your acquisition;)

    it’s like spinning chocolate.


  7. Tracey, in MI

    Yep- Rose is magical. I went to a spinning class a year ago— and well- I came home with a rose!

    (Spinning loft- before your acquisition;)

    it’s like spinning chocolate.


  8. hesira

    Home made/home spun.

    It all depends on the reason I’m knitting something (I don’t spin, so I’ll substitute knitting). Like Jessie said, I do it to relax, to play with fiber and to make things. If I’m making something for a gift, then, the more unique it is (ie: can’t be purchased at a store) the better, but I want my stitches even, no mistakes, etc. I want it to look professional, but personalized. I think the personal element it key. You can make a sweater that fits YOU perfectly. You can choose colors or patterns that fit the recipent just right. And it fulfills the need to make something.

    I’m glad you brought this up, because sometimes when I’m knitting socks, I laugh at myself for the time and effort I put into something that will get worn out and how easy is it to buy socks at the store.

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