Doctor Worm, and some pigtails.

I couldn’t even get a picture of Maggie’s cake before she and her BFF had a piece. Hannah Montana of course. It was a snowy day and we were afraid that nobody would come but there were so many people and Maggie was quite wound up. There were gifts galore and she’s still on cloud nine about them all. But there’s a sleepover on Saturday night with her BFF after we go to – now don’t be jealous – High School Musical ON ICE! No I couldn’t afford tickets for all of you. I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures. Anyhoo, she got some Hannah Montana pajamas from Michelle Who Spins and she’s saving them for the sleepover. There were also lots of balls of wool from Michelle With the Rabbits and 7 chocolate bars from Chelsea’s BFF Katy.
This is the beautiful Chelsea. And you can see in this picture how wound up Maggie was all night. She’s trying on her new jammies.
Well, I was doing a bit of spinning. This is a medium wool dyed by Michelle and called “Beth’s Aura”. It’s a little chunky at 7WPI and Navajo plyed. Please ignore the pigtails on the bobbin. I’m working on that. I love this yarn but don’t usually knit with something this thick so I’m in the process of looking for a project. I’m not sure a fluffy girl like me should be completely encased in this fluffy yarn. Maybe a vest?
Today I set Maggie loose with the Ashford carder and here is her art work. She was using the floor sweepings from classes and spinning get togethers. She already sold 2 of them today.
Here’s the happy carding girl at work being 7 years and one day old!

Alright I have to go choose my chocolate and knit a couple of rows on the sock!
In the meantime here’s a happy song.


4 thoughts on “Doctor Worm, and some pigtails.”

  1. Kate A.

    Aw, thank you for Dr. Worm! I hadn’t seen that video. Too cool.

    And happy birthday to Maggie! Her carding looks amazing – want some!

    Although, other than that and your aura fiber, this post was refreshingly free of things for me to be desperately jealous about. I can live without High School Musical on ice — but only just. 🙂

  2. Alpaca Granny

    I NEED Maggie! I have tons (well, not really) of fiber in the workroom to be carded, and, as you know, that’s not my favorite task. I just wanna spin.

  3. Obsidian Kitten

    i’m not really a doctor, either.

    but i am interested in things.

  4. Anonymous

    please please….more candy from yhe pretty box.
    You see I can’t eat chocolate so I NEED you to eat it for me. It’s not boring. Really. All my chocolate love,your Dennyx0x0x

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