Drawing a Blank

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I was getting really good at planning. But things are more difficult now for some reason. I’m not sure how to fix it. A few years ago I worked with Jillian and we set goals together and then we planned how to achieve those goals and then at the end of six months we would have a review of our progress and it was awesome. Then I continued to do that on my own and things went well for a while but over the last 6 months I’ve kind of been losing it.

This is my current page for Wednesday of this week! Actually, my whole week looks like that. And it shouldn’t because on Friday I leave to go on the choir tour with Maggie and in two weeks I’m leaving for PlyAway and I know there is a ton to do and I can’t figure out how.

I’m stumped.

At the beginning of each of my monthly plan books there are pages to set goals and make big plans for the month. This is what my March looks like.

Maybe I need to just get out a big legal pad and write everything down that is in my brain and then try to organize from there. I have a giant weaving project that needs to be done and there is no progress being made. I have a sweater spin along that is happening right now and I’ve only spun about 100 yards of singles. I have samples that are in my brain but I have no yarn to make them. And that room to clean and a newsletter to write and blog posts and videos and I’m making very little progress on any of it because I can’t seem to plan it.

Today, in about 5 minutes, Thatcher and Sammy are coming for 3 hours and so no work is going to get done this morning. I think I need a chaperone.

I’m sorry. I sound kind of whiney. I’ll stop now. I can do this. I’m a big, grown up girl. And at least I got the washi tape on the pages. I’ll have myself under control in the next week.



8 thoughts on “Drawing a Blank”

    1. Commen Be patient with yourself! What you’re experiencing is part of the ebb and flow of the human condition.

      You’ll transition into action! ~ksp

  1. I would suggest an accountability partner. Someone you can be totally honest with, that also has a goal (or a series of goals) they are working toward. They don’t have to be the same goal, or even similar. But they need to have the same amount of drive that you do and the same type of work ethic. I meet with my AP every Friday and it has made a huge difference for both of us. To know that there is someone who will push us when we need pushing, support us when we are flagging and celebrate our successes is huge. Family and friends are wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but an AP is a different type of relationship and it is VERY helpful. I hope you find the help you need.

    1. Beth

      Thank you! I’ll put some thought into that.

  2. Jillian Moreno

    I’m happy to plan with you again!!

  3. Kris Paige

    A friend diagnosed this as planning malais. His cure helped: for 24 hours at least, close the planner, shut off the computer/phone, brew tea, order favorite food, and have a mental and physical vacation. Let those organizational batteries recharge quietly. Read a book, not on your device of choice, but printed on paper. Let the book take you on a trip to somewhere else. When you “come back”, you will hopefully feel refreshed..here’s nothing to unpack, no laundry to do! A small bucket of sand to wiggle your toes in is optional 😊

    1. Beth

      Thanks Kris! I’m going to try it.

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