One of the things I loved the most about owning The Spinning Loft all those years ago was bringing in teachers to the shop and holding mini retreats. I loved that students came from all over the country to take classes at my shop. I loved meeting the teachers and spending time with them.

I also held two retreats in Pennsylvania where I taught classes. I loved that too. It was fun to have a small group together and get to know each other. Classes where the students spend more time together than 3 or 6 hours are much more fun. There is more talking and more questions are asked and a ton of conversations happen.

Since the Spinning Loft made its way to the hands of someone else I’ve been wanting to put a retreat together again. It’s been on my list and on my mind for a few years but there was always something holding me back.

But no more. The ideas are forming and getting solidified.

What about a retreat that includes classes? What about a retreat that includes free time at a fantastic fiber festival? And most meals? And lodging? What if it were small and exclusive? Like 10 people or less?

Are you free in October?

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PS Did you read yesterday’s post about the Giveaway?


22 thoughts on “Dreaming…”

  1. Manise

    Oooh fun! Looking forward to hearing about the details on this!

  2. karen

    Hmm…I’m in! (As long as it was relatively affordable…)

  3. Sally

    I am definitely up for a retreat!

  4. Laura Walters

    It wouldn’t be anywhere near me, would it?

    1. Beth

      Two hints: fiber festival, October.

  5. jane44

    Yes, would love it! great idea.

  6. Angella Cartwright

    Interested in hearing more.

  7. Sandra Christian

    Me, me. Didn’t get enough of you at SAFF. And Paula of course. And we will sing to you every day.

  8. Beverly

    I’m interested in learning more. Might not fit the budget the first year, but I could plan for the next year. (It will be annual, yes?!)

  9. Oh! Come visit Gig Harbor Washington! =D.

    I like retreats with hotels nearby so that people can choose their accommodations based on what suits them best. =). I like breaks between class instruction because I tend to get a bit ADD if I sit too long. And, time to visit with people is fun too! =D

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