Amy King and I have started doing a thing on Instagram where we are wearing our jewelry everyday. We aren’t waiting for special occasions to do it. We are doing it for ourselves to feel good and boost our confidence every day.

We are using the following Hashtags if you want to join in and play along.




In 2004 a movie was released called De Lovely. It was a movie about the life of Cole Porter. Ashley Judd plays Cole Porter’s wife. And the clothes are beautiful But the first time I watched it I only noticed that in almost every scene where there was a new costume there was a different pearl necklace. I was astounded.

When I was young I loved pearls and my dad knew it. If my parents came across vintage pearl necklaces I often got to have them. In my senior photo I wore a beautiful strand of graduated pearls. All of my pearls were of the faux variety but I didn’t care.

I still love pearls and in 2004 when I saw that movie I decided that I wanted to have different pearls for every day and every outfit. I’m not close but I have collected more than the average woman.

But let’s look at all of my pearly role models

Queen Victoria is famous for her pearls. And you thought it was the whole queen thing.

Queen Elizabeth has worn a double or triple strand of pearls her whole life unless they make her take them off and wear those dumb old diamonds.

Princess Kate Middleton is no slouch at choosing pearls for lots of occasions.

Michelle Obama.

And this is a goal on my bucket list. Rhianna is a girl after my own heart.

The jewelry wearing will continue and I will continue to look for pearl inspiration. What is your favorite kind of jewelry?

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