I come from a long line of textile people. In the most recent past both my mother’s mother and my mom were dressmakers. My grandmother worked in a dress factory until she retires. My mom made custom formal gowns and bridal as long as I can remember. She also made every day dresses for customers that we all got to know because they were regular customers.

I loved looking at the brides when they came for fittings and traveling to Philadelphia to buy fabric for the next weddings. I loved the fanciest fabrics then as much as I do now.

I actually started sewing when I was little. Maybe 5 years old. I began with hand sewing fabrics together. I remember making a doll once with scraps from my mom’s sewing room. I also learned to embroider and do all kinds of stitching when I was young.

In middle school when we had to take a home economics class we all had to choose a project to make and then wear our finished project to school. Most of the other girls made an a line skirt with an elastic waist. I chose a reversible vest with a hood. I wish I could find that photo. I loved that vest.

In the early 90s I decided o put all of my sewing knowledge to work and I started sewing for other people. I made wedding dresses and bridesmaids and street dresses. And I was very happy doing it.

And then we moved to Michigan in 1999 and I didn’t try to restart that business.

Here we are 20 years later! I can’t believe we’ve been in Michigan for 20 years! For a while I didn’t sew at all. Not even to hem pants. But, I miss sewing. I miss the lovely fabrics and the thinking about the best way to make a pattern and the way sewing makes me feel.

So, I’m going back to it.

I’m not quitting spinning and I’ll still teach if people want me. I love teaching spinning and I don’t think I’ll ever walk completely away from it. I still need yarn to knit with for crying out loud!

Here’s what’s happening. I’m going to open up my Etsy shop and sell circle and gathered skirts. I have lots of fabrics and I’m excited to collaborate with people to make them a skirt for a special occasion or just a skirt that will make them feel awesome for every day.

In addition, if you live nearby and you want a special occasion dress for a wedding or a prom ora fancy ball I hope you’ll come and see me and let me help you get the dress of your dreams.

Are you ready for Beth’s very first line of skirts coming in late June?

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