Every Day or Special Occasion?


I bought the fabric for this outfit a few months ago when Maggie, My Mom and I went on a little road trip to check out a fabric store in Grand Rapids that is almost 2 hours from m house. I heard about the store from a lady who makes super intricate cosplay costumes when I was waiting in line to get fabric cut at Joann Fabrics.

Anyway, it’s lovely and honestly it has felt like ages since I made anything pink for myself that even though I have a million other things on my list to make I just had to bring it to the front of the line. I wanted a two piece set that consisted of a long circle skirt that could be bustled and a cropped jacket with cut on sleeves.

The jacket pattern I used is from Vogue 8999. I want to make that dress eventually too but the jacket without the collar was perfect for this project.

I love the skirt with a crinoline under it but it looks pretty without the extra volume too…take my word for it because I never got any photos without the underskirt. If you are wondering, the underskirt is called Jennifer from Malco Modes.

This skirt and jacket are finished just like all of my clothes. Hand stitched waistband, bias binding to finish the hem edge and serged or enclosed seam allowances.

The bustle ties on this skirt are at the same level all the way around with three ties in the front, three in the back and one on each side seam. They are easy to tie up and take down to change the look or even change the hem length to make it longer or have a high low look.

This outfit looks cute and fun with a t shirt but I can also see myself wearing it to a wedding or other special even with a dressier top and fancy jewelry.


4 thoughts on “Every Day or Special Occasion?”

  1. Terry L Fassburg

    Love the fabric? What is it? Was the mfr on the selvage?

    1. Beth

      Nothing is written there. It is a Jacquard fabric though. Also, I can’t remember if I got it in the dress section or the home decor. section of the store…so that’s not at all helpful.

  2. EVERY DAY IS a special occasion! Whenever you wear this, folks will wonder what the occasion is. The occasion is TODAY. It may be difficult to maneuver thru a crowded market or on a subway crowd, but going shopping or to an appointment, or taking your daughter off to university, sure. Is it difficult to drive in? I’s say UNbusseled. You DO have THE MOST BEAUTIFUL wardrobe. You are becoming known for that.

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