Moving right along on the weight loss front. Many days I feel like I’m running out of steam. I’ve invested so much energy in this everyday. Wake up, think about food for the day. Although, most days I plan the whole day in the morning and place everything in little containers for all meals and snacks except dinner. Dinner is planned in advance but I just figure it out in the morning. I need to continue thinking about it though because non-thinking is what got me here in the first place and I’ve been assured that it won;t be this hard or intense forever. I am in week 11 and have 13 weeks of weightloss left if I continue at the current rate of dropping pounds.
Cute baby picture for no other reason than this is a cute baby.
Here are some pictures of the room we are working on.
The walls are patched and painted.
We used Ralph Lauren Suede paint.
It is quite pricey but camouflages the uneven walls in a very nice way.
This paint is not washable so I wouldn’t recommend it for kids rooms or bathrooms but I love the effect.
Furniture is now being slowly moved into the room and I’m rearranging in my head. I think this is going to be a lovely little escape room for me and Lou
As for the Forest Path progress – NIL.
I followed Faina’s advice and took it off the needles.
Here is one of the blocks, unblocked.
Here is the Lily block – blocked. Blech. This yarn is really stretchy but when blocked all of the elasticity disappears. This is definitley not merino. Cashmere / Angora is more likely.
Point is, I am either changing yarns or going down a million needle sizes. I think, changing yarns. Back to the drawing board.
I did finish something this week though.
This is a scarf for the hunny. Made from Louet Gems Merino fingering weight. I wove it on the 8 shaft Baby Wolf. After I got through some fits and starts in the beginning it wove up very nicely and easily.
Thank you so much for all of your input about materials for classes. It really helped and I think I probably will institute a discount for class member on the day of the classes.
Another thing I’m working on is a Sheep Breed Study series. It will be a once monthly class where we will work with 2 different breeds belonging to an individual class of fiber such as fine wools, long wools, down breeds, etc. Each class of wool would be 3 months long and you could sign up for all of the classes or only the 3 months you’re interested in. It should take about a year just to get through the fleeces of the breeds I currently have in the shop.


5 thoughts on “Finished?”

  1. KnitterBunny

    I think that having a study of breeds is a nice idea. There are a lot breeds that I would like to try, but I haven’t yet had the chance.

  2. jessie

    You do have a lot going on!

    Congratulations on the weight loss. There is a book out there somewhere having to do with New Year’s Resolutions and other goals and it focuses on the idea that goals are not all-or-nothing. I find that if I eat a donut, for instance, instead of a good breakfast, I’m likely to eat crap the rest of the day because I’ve “blown it.”

    You obviously are doing extremely well with your nutrition and “mindful” eating, so you seem to understand that this is a long process and a lifestyle. I suspect you are not going to let things slide very far!

  3. Lisa

    I LOVE the wall color you chose. We used the Ralph Lauren paint in our bedroom and it looks so nice– their colors are amazing.

    I really like the study of breeds idea, too 🙂 I need to plan another trip to your store soonly!

  4. historicstitcher

    The room looks beautiful! The color is so warm and inviting…

    The breed study sounds so interesting. I think I like the idea of spreading it out, rather than trying to do everything in one weekend. We’ll get a chance to have a better hand with the wool, and be less likely to forget everything once we get home 🙂

    Have you thought of having the breed-spinning students make a sample binder, with locks, spun samples, and notes for each breed/fleece? It would be a great take-away, and put far more value in the course than just oral instruction…just a thought!

  5. Obsidian Kitten

    i love the idea of a breeds study ~ i’d be very interested in that if you offer it. my mom might, too.

    i have a binder from a llama fleece prep workshop (a one-day thing, no spinning) with locks and notes in it–it’s not that they put them together for us, but we collected locks from different fleeces throughout the day and it was nice to have the actual fiber together with my notes from the day.

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