First Birthday Present

Unlike Denny, I only celebrate my birthday for a week (she celebrates for a month).

My first birthday present arrived today. And it was a joyous occasion.

Some hand combed Mohair in my favorite colors. A couple of hand made pompoms with some green locks thrown in like cute pig tails.

And my favorite of all….a bacon bracelet with an egg button for secure wearing.

Stephanie Flynn-Sokolov is my HERO! Just sayin’

You can see a photo of here fabulousness here posing with Her Abbyness and Spinning Instructor Extraodinaire, Maggie Casey


5 thoughts on “First Birthday Present”

  1. velmalikevelvet

    Wow, you look really OLD for only being 1 years. 😉

    Felicitations on your natal day!

    (& I'm w/ Denny: more celebration is better. I get 1 day for every year. I'm looking at The 46 Days of Velma this year!)

  2. Bethany

    haha! You are so advanced for a one year old! Happy Happy Birthday! That bacon bracelet is awesome!

  3. Anonymous

    Sure post on Tweeter and don't even call me…. Happy f… Birthday, since you don't swear or anything. ILY… go eat some pie.

  4. Anonymous

    Très beau blog


  5. Pat

    What a great present. I love these colors together. They look luscious.

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