Getting Lighter Every Day

Weighed in today. I lost MORE! Almost 5 pounds in less than a week. I know not to expect it to continue this fast but it is very encouraging. Especially since there’s a lot of food eating going on. I’m not hungry at all. I mean, who can eat 8 ounces of chicken or three eggs at one time?

I got a lot done today but I forgot to take pictures. I’m working on a little lace scarf for a shop model but I didn’t spin at all. I think I’ll take my wheel to work tomorrow so I can get that sock yarn done. I know what you’re thinking. “Why would she take her spinning wheel to a shop that sells spinning wheels?” I’m thinking because I already started the yarn on my Traveller and all spinning wheels have their own little personalities, I’d better continue with the wheel I started with. I’ve almost got one full bobbin and I need to fill one more. Hopefully that will be enough. I’ll just fill them well and then put on my jumbo flier to ply.

I got some new roving in today from Interlacements. They have some softer colors now and since I have several of the original deeper colors I thought I’d fill in the collection.

Maybe some pictures of those tomorrow too.

Anyway, gotta knit.


3 thoughts on “Getting Lighter Every Day”

  1. woolbearers

    Your website it great~ can’t wait to visit the week of the 14th. I’m coming from NJ to MI to see my mother in Fowlerville and your shop is the first place I am going to see.

    Keep up the good work with your weigh loss. I am the only person I know who ever gained weight the first week of following weight watchers to a T.

    Suzie Woolbearers

  2. Marie

    Can’t wait to see pictures!!!

  3. Kate A.

    Did you see Franklin Habit’s post about finding a spinning wheel at an antique mall? Yowza.

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