I’m not kidding. Everything on this list is something I want. There are two that I already have but I want another. So, let me know what you think. or if there is something you are wishing for.

Ashford Warp Thread Weights. I used to use film canisters but, ya know, film is not easy to get anymore. Recently I’ve been wrapping thread around a bobbin. Sometimes it’s heavy enough…But these can vary in weight. They are easy to hang on a thread with a half hitch. I may be ordering these for myself!

Rosie’s Pick Glass. Know why I like this? Because you can use it to count the picks per inch in your woven fabric and you can also use it to get up close and personal with your fleeces. Count those crimps like a pro! Multi Use tool means it’s only half the price. Isn’t that how it works?

Shuttle Pin. These are adorable and cute for a collar or a weaving convention name tag.

Purl and Loop Tree with Ornaments. Now I know that if this is a Christmas gift it won’t be finished to display for Christmas but seriously this is cute enough to display all year round and also it gives the recipient plenty of time to work on these adorable ornaments a little at a time.

While we’re on the Purl and Loop website, can we talk about these Swatchmaker Looms? There are lots of others. I’m just linking to my favorite here. This loom will never take the place of a sample made on the loom you intend to use but it will give you a good idea if you are on the right track. Especially if you are spinning for weaving.

Hand Made Sewing Needle. I have several of these needles from Stephen Willette and I love how they feel in my hand. Again this is a multi use tool. Fix mistakes in your weaving, weave in your ends in knitting or use them for sewing pieces together.

Bluster Bay End Feed Shuttle. If I mention this same shuttle in two posts in one week, do you think it’s too much? Keep in mind I’ve only held it in my hand. I haven’t woven with one. But it’s so beautiful!

Ok. So that’s everything on my list! Well, not really. But that’s where I’m stopping.

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