Good Tidings of Great Joy

I have to talk about this whole thing in little shifts because I have so many pictures. I’m telling you all right now that I am the WORST person in the world to remember names. I tried to take good notes. Yeah, right. I have no idea, in most cases, what the crap I was talking about when I wrote the note. I’m going to do the best I can. If I am wrong please email me or comment so I can fix it.

These two pictures are of my winning skeins. I entered a wensleydale skein that is about a DK weight. It’s the gray one. My laceweight cormo skein which you can hardly make out in the crappy picture got second. So far so good. I was just looking to get some good feedback on my spinning. Now don’t get me wrong. I would not have been disappointed with any place but this was good. Two entries, two ribbons.

Then I cried.

First Place.

Best Knitted Article.

Best in Show.

I cried.

Then I bragged to anyone who I thought might stand still long enough.

I am the winner.

So that was first thing Saturday morning. Well, after we ate an egg sandwich from the 4H kids. Three bucks for breakfast including hot apple cider. delicious.

Here is Margene. I love her and her blog and the Twisted Knitters thing.

Cara from January One. You gotta go there about 12 times a day just to watch the header change.

I bought the most beautiful Bag from this lady. Diana Clark. Alpaca Bagworks. The bags are made from a beautiful quality leather with even a leather lining. Handy pockets for everything and to top it all off the fronts are all felted wool in lovely freeform designs. If you’re looking for a new bag and have a little money check her out.

Bloggers galore at the meetup.

This is the view I looked at while I waited in line. For a Chicken Pot Pie. For 45 minutes.

It was delicious.

I am overjoyed with the events of the last few weeks. I am getting a spinning store of my very own complete with an extensive inventory. It is going to be a fun place to visit. Warm. Happy.

I went to Rhinebeck. Kelle got to come along. Sara had a great time. I met many of the people who’s blog I read on a daily basis. I set up some contacts for myself and the store. I have an account now to carry Wild Fibers Magazine. I overspent but I now have three quality merino fleeces as well as a beautiful mohair fleece for the store.

This is definitely not a complete story of Saturday but I’m having some picture difficulties. There were plenty more bloggers who I met. And Saturday night was a blast. More about that later. I think blogger needs a rest.


9 thoughts on “Good Tidings of Great Joy”

  1. Nora's Lulu

    Yes, Tootsie, YOU ARE THE WINNER!! And I am the friend of THE WINNER!! You will put Howell, Michigan on the map. xox

  2. Kate A.

    OH MY GOD!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You SO deserve it though – that shawl is incredible! The spinning, too, I’m sure, though I can’t really see it too well from the pictures.

    I’m so jealous of the whole thing – that meetup looks great – and can’t wait to see more!!

  3. textilejunkie

    It was so nice meeting you! You have some awesome knit talent. I had no idea that you were the winning shaw that I admired so much, oh the nuppy goodness of it all. You could have said something when I was petting your jacket at Morehouse Morino 🙂

    The festival, the store, it was all so much! At least you were sane enough to take pictures.

  4. kimberly

    Great job on winning first place!!! Congratulations! That shawl is gorgeous!

  5. Amy

    Congratulations! You deserved it.

  6. jessie

    How could that shawl NOT win first place?

  7. Cara

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That’s FANTASTIC! What a beautiful shawl (and beautiful spinning.) Good luck with your store.

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