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If you’ve taken a class with me or talked to me for more than 5 minutes you know I am a scientist at heart. I love to experiment. I did work in a laboratory for a while doing cell research and I loved it so much. But that’s for another time.

Today I want to talk about my sock knitting machine. I bought it at least 2 years ago from Julia Farwell Clay who is the designer of one of my favorite sweaters – Hiro. The machine is still in the box that I got it in. It didn’t come with needles so I bought some of those too but I have misplaced them….I’m sure they are on the desk under a pile.

So, the plan was to spin a whole bunch of sock yarns. Wool from different breeds of sheep and then different methods with each breed. I have a whole outline. I was curious about durability since I seem to wear my socks out rather quickly. but I’m a pretty slow knitter – especially socks. So a knitting machine was the key to the whole thing. I mean I can make 400 yards of 3 ply yarn in a day or two but then I take 6 months to knit the darn things.

I did go online and try to figure out how to work it but I became overwhelmed with the information and also so much terminology that I didn’t yet know. I joined the CSM group on Facebook but again, the things they talk about are mostly over my head. I found a nice little spot on the shelf where the box fit perfectly and that’s where it has been. I have taken it out 2 or three times and then back it went. The thing is a mystery to me.

Anyway, yesterday I saw a post on Instagram from my friend Bex who lives in England. She had a stack of 5 pairs of socks that she had knit and finished in 3 days! The box of knitting machine is in the living room this morning. I wonder where the needles are. And I wonder if Bex can help me even though she is so far away. I really think I may need an in person lesson. Oh my.

All advice is appreciated and thank you in advance.

Also, by the way I’ve got the next spin along almost planned and it will be for all of my patrons. I’d love for you to be a part of it. It’s going to be loads of fun and I have some videos and live feeds and lots of how to instruction. The spin along will run from February 1 through September and hopefully at the end we will all have a new sweater. Check out my Patreon page and join in!


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  1. Nancie

    You can do this, I promise you can. I picked up a flat bed knitting machine and ribber last month at a thrift store and one of the first real projects I did was a pair of socks. It was amazingly fast and my machine set up is not meant to do round things. I’m now to the point that I can do a pair of socks in 1.5 to 2 hours on my machine. With a knitting machine actually designed for socks? You can rock this.

    1. Beth

      Thank you Nancie. This just might be my year… If I can find those stinking needles.

  2. There are other FB groups that have tutorials, I think. Erin’s Mom, Susan Peek, is getting adept at this & us encouraging me to try it. I need to use my looms first before trying this… sigh. So many worthy crafts- so little time!

  3. Wayne Barber

    Beth I can show you how to use your cms I have been making sock for a few years now .
    Ugly Dog’s Farm

    1. Beth

      Wayne!!!!! I’m on my way over right now!!!! Oh, actually, I have to find my needles. But I’m going to take you up on it.

  4. Amy O'Malley

    Sox School at Good Karma Farm in Belfast, Maine! https://www.goodkarmafarm.com/sox-school-crank-in – I don’t crank (I tried, but it just wasn’t for me!), but I do love to go to the crank-in and hang & spin. You can do this, Beth! And besides, you know you want to come spend some time in Maine…

    1. Beth

      Someday I will come to Maine.

    2. Jill Shepherd

      I can recommend Jim and Amys’ yarn too. Jim taught me to turn a heel and toe at MDSW this year for the price of a skein of sox yarn. I wish I’d bought more back across the pond.

  5. Jill Shepherd

    Hey Beth,

    I’m struggling with a CSM too and it’s all Bex’s fault as well. She put me in touch with these two splendid forums on Facebook, Vintage Krankers is more UK-based and Circular Sock Machine Knitters 2.0 is USA-inclined, although there’s a fair degree of cross-pollination going on! Lots of help available especially with links to YouTube videos and many lovely people, you’ll probably find you know a few of them from Ravelry!

    1. Beth

      Bex seems to be a trouble maker.

  6. Mary

    If you decide that you don’t have the time right now, I bet there are lots of cranked out there who would knit them for you. Lots of people involved in Fiber businesses are also cranked and really good at it. Want a Sweet Tomato Heel in those socks? I can do that for ya!

  7. Beth

    I have a machine sitting in a box too. I understand all of your pain.

    1. Beth

      Maybe you should get yours out too.

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