Holiday Inn – Not the Movie

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We’re resting up right now. Lots of walking coming up. Lots of carrying of bags. Lots of losing of self control.

Alright, here’s what I wanted to show you yesterday and Blogger wouldn’t let me upload the pictures.
Kelle brought Sara and I these Lantern Moon bags filled with goodies. It is a darling little bag. Perfect for a sock or mittens or even a little purse. It has the most beautiful satin lining too.


Here’s what she put in it. Chocolate, cookies, black sheep tape measure and Mentos. I added some Ingeo fiber and a little soap shaped like a cupcake and smelling all gingerbready.


Here is a crappy picture of the hat I finished today. I like it a lot. I have plans of wearing it tomorrow with my circle sweater and my I’m a Square button on it. I’m worried though because it’s supposed to be 50 tomorrow. Maybe too warm for a wool hat. We’ll start the day that way and see what happens.

Yesterday I had a picture of Kelle so today here is Sara. Reading. You can usually find her knitting or reading. I read a lot when I was her age too. I still have desires to read but normally choose to spin or knit.

Here is our window view. Yesterday Niagara Falls and today Holidome. It’s like an inside courtyard with a pool. I was thinking there would be hoards of knitters out there….

but, no.

Here is me taking pictures while driving in the rain at 65 miles per hour. The colors are lovely but it rained for the entire 6 hour drive today. And there were a lot of big trucks. I hate big trucks. I find them unpredictable. Scary.

Tomorrow I promise will be better. Bloggers and pictures of Bloggers and fiber and pictures of fiber. That is unless I’m overwhelmed by the whole thing and forget to take any pictures.
It could happen.


3 thoughts on “Holiday Inn – Not the Movie”

  1. Nora's Lulu

    Can’t wait to see the hat in person. Its been rainy at home too. Had too much fun with your kiddos Friday night. Maggie wants to have a harmonica party. I asked what you do at a harmonica party (I was sure the answer was play harmonicas). As she brushed her strawberry blond whisps out of her eyes, sighed and said, “well, you light 8 candles”. Oh, now i get it. Where did you learn about that? Blues Clues has some purple guy(my words, not her’s; she actually remembered the character’s name)and he has harmonica parties. Shucks, I was thinking I’d bring my orange and yellow kazoo just to rebel. Buster wants to be a mermaid for halloween. Can we convince him to be a merman? Maggie gave me directions to get to the spinning loft (I think if I left your house in daylight, I’d actually be able to find the place) and even where to park.
    I think something comes with grandmotherhood: the ability to love more kids. I don’t love Buster and Maggie (sounds like a great team, The Adventures of Buster and Maggie) any less since Nora has arrived. I think I actually have more fun with them because I anticipate my little pixie doing what they are doing now. Also, Mattson is marrying me into a three year old grandson, Kyree. He was over yesterday and we made cookies. As I mixed up the frosting, I asked what color he wanted to make his pumpkin and he answere like any normal three year old would “blue”. ok, then blue it is. Mattson was at the church for a meeting Saturday and ran into LouSmith and the kids at the Primary activity. What a guy. They didn’t used to make dads like that. I missed you and am glad that I got to keep up with you by this ever-so-wonderful blog and your laptop,that as a business owner made it allpossible. Later-gater

  2. lorinda

    Best in show!!!! PoMoGolightly says you won. Yay!!!!! Congrats.

  3. --Deb

    It was nice meeting you yesterday!

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